First Time At A Driving Range / Beginner Golfer

The fear, the paranoia, the swing and misses! What it’s like for a beginner golfer at a driving range for the first time.


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    35 Replies to “First Time At A Driving Range / Beginner Golfer”

    1. Phil Thomas says:

      Strange to have anxiety at a driving range (a basic nothing activity) and yet you can record yourself and expose it to YouTube for the world to see. Very very backwards.

    2. AngelaM7402 says:

      I watch someone who has perfect form…it looks flawless to me…I think you lift your head to fast…you do exactly what I use to do..I always want to see where the ball is going, but it throws your body off….gl you will do great 🏌️‍♀️

    3. So many practice swings …… who cares! You did it 🤙🏻… so the biggest thing is keep your eye on the ball. Who cares about ANYONE OR ELSE 👍 I hope you enjoy the sport. Take care and keep going 👍😀

    4. Kinqmav says:

      Im a beginner golfer as well just finished my very first lesson ever. Im going tl go to the driving range for the first time tomorrow. Honestly I make have the same anxiety. But i think trying to remind yourself that every one started somewhere when they were terrible and was just trying to learn. Im pretty sure down the road Que. you become much better you’ll find someone going thru the same thing and you’ll remember how you were like that too

    5. / says:

      Ppl dont give a fooock

    6. Stefan says:

      I have the same anxieties as you. I’m going to the range tomorrow for the first time.

    7. Uchiha Zoro? says:

      Wow that man sounded really nice, lovely to see

    8. Pablo Zee says:

      It’s no fun to suck at something in front of other people. I felt the exact same way at the range on Sunday by myself. It’s especially frustrating that I was hitting most clubs pretty well couple of weeks before when playing nine holes after not playing in a couple of years. So frustrating that I just bailed after “hitting” 30 balls or so. I need professional help.

    9. Steven Warme says:

      Thanks for the video Nice to know others feel self conscious too! Please check out Paul Wilson on YouTube videos, he made a difference in my game.

    10. Bro Unds says:

      Beginner golfer here just this year. Do not stress out yourself. Have fun. Yes, you will have bad shot, bad swing, bad posture…. Just learn from it. I only look at you tube for “ lessons”. Please don’t get paranoid, people are also focused on their own swing. The range that I go to, people are very nice. Just have fun!!

    11. Brian Dickie says:

      We’ve all been there, air shots happen in every booth, focus on the ball, find a top tracer range and play virtual golf if only your own. Good luck. ps. You are already better than me.

    12. Michael B says:

      As a complete beginner myself I find when using the irons, to begin with use a tee. It gives you a little margin for error while practicing your swing. Also I noticed on your practice swing the club seems quite high at the bottom of the swing. When I do practice swings I aim to be skimming the turf.

    13. Kent S. says:

      I'd get a golf mat for home with a rubber tee. And just work on your swing for a while at home. Just practice hitting that tee over and over again without the worries about nobody watching you.

    14. YouTube algorithm recommended this video & I'm so happy that it did. Subscribed. I really hope that you continue making videos. Looking forward seeing how you progress.

    15. kOx X. says:

      u're doin' good

    16. Tim New says:

      First, don't worry about other golfers at the range watching you. They are there to work on their own games and have little time to spend watching someone else. Second, although they may be well meaning, golf tips from various other golfers can be confusing and sometimes downright contradict something a another golfer might have told you and you end up not knowing what to believe. The thing to do there is find a golf coach you can trust and ONLY follow what that person says to do. After a few lessons they will have your swing looking halfway decent. As was mentioned by others…….we all had to start out playing golf the same way. We sucked!! LOL. Third and final thought here because I didn't see it mentioned in the comments. Golf is NOT like Bowling where you give the person in the next stall the right of way, as so to speak, before taking your swings. When you are ready to hit just do it.

      The only advice I would give you is just don't get discouraged over the bad shots. Even Pros hit those at times. You have chosen to take up a game that can be very frustrating but at the same time a game that can be very satisfying when you catch one pure. Stick with it long enough and you will learn to love the game. Despite the aggravation of it at times.

    17. peter niko says:

      I feel the same way. Thank you for sharing this.

    18. Bien Nho says:

      All beginners are like that; don't need to worry. BTW there should be separating walls between the stalls for safety. 🙂

    19. UMCDaEMON pp says:

      No one cares about you. lol even on the golf course. I had a handicap of 33 when i started didnt want to play with low handicappers. They dont care about your game only theirs. Just enjoy yourself.

    20. Nut Lange says:

      We all as golfers have got our own struggles. Half swings are perfect, its about putting as much club on ball through the sweet spot. I`ve been trying to hit a golf ball correctly since 1983 and no-one ever has laughed at me for trying. Instead I have found people rather trying to help me… You keep at it Girl, you will improve!!

    21. Simon Yates says:

      I'm new to golf and have learned that apart from taking an occasional glance at others, most people at a driving range are focused on their own practice. Also I wouldn't hit more than 50 balls and think quality not quantity. Go through your routine and setup and take your time. And the other thing I've learned is there is an abundance of well meaning (at times confusing) free advice from other golfers 😀 just follow advice from your pro / golf instructor. What can say is you'll hit perfect shot and it feels so satisfying, and that's what keeps us coming back !! Good luck x

    22. M-44 says:

      You look good. Keep upper body down in the back swing and move weight forward as you swing. 👍👍

    23. Eric B says:

      I started playing a year ago at age 58 and was terrified going to the range and practicing around seasoned golfers. I would actually get there at 6:45am before anyone was there and start hitting. Took me about 10 visits to no longer worry about anyone watching me. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and experiences.

    24. meyoshi08 says:

      It’s great to see other female beginner golfers out there. I’m starting my own channel soon. When I went for the first time by myself, I felt EXACTLY like you lol. It does get better 😊

    25. it would be nicer without the constant remarks

    26. ashley b says:

      I went to the range today by myself. It was nice to see others who had the same fear and paranoia as me! This video helped me a lot.

    27. Lauri Nawrot says:

      Girl…I feel ya. Beginner here myself, and I give you sooo much credit for going out there by yourself because I don't think that I could. I too suffer from the "everybody's watching me" anxiety and I get completely in my head. Keep up the good work and I look forward to watching you progress.

    28. mmelinda28 says:

      Thanks for this! I was planning on going to the range by myself for the first time tomorrow. Relieves my anxiety knowing I’m not the only one who feels that way, and that you got through it just fine!!

    29. Colin White says:

      Hi. What iron are you using? There does look like there’s a lot of loft on it. When you are just starting an 8 iron is a good option. GL.

    30. Paul B says:

      2 things. First no one at the range is looking at you. They are there to warm up or work on their own “issues”. Secondly, all golfers started at the same point you are at now and remember what it’s like to learn. My other advice is you’re thinking to much – you’re literally paralyzing yourself. You’re worried about other people, your swing thoughts, etc. Clear your head, swing the club and have fun. The main etiquette at the driving range is don’t be loud and respect others space

    31. Just had my first session at the range with friends. Got a lot of work to do 😃 But honestly no one was giving me bad looks. They actually appreciate the effort. Had a good time, specially with putts. 😃

    32. Steve Bee says:

      Fell asleep watching this……take up sowing or cooking

    33. Mark Wheeler says:

      I went to the range with a mate for the first time a few weeks ago and hadn’t hit a ball in 6-7 years and even then only played a couple times so I’m a noob really and I missed the ball and nearly fell over once 🤦🏻‍♂️😂 I topped a few, hit the matt first but I got into it and ripped quite a few I managed 187 yards driving which I was happy with but I slice a lot I need to sort it, i was getting 135 yards or so 5 iron so not hitting to far but ok ish, I’m also very aware of my surroundings and think ppl are watching and it gets to u I understand u there but I don’t think most ppl are going to laugh and judge u I think most would actually like to help if possible like this bloke was nice 🙂 I would suggest u hit a club with more loft say a 7 or 8 iron for e.g if hitting off the deck as it’s hard for many players to hit long irons off the deck I found and heard, that way u will pop the ball up in the air much easier at least and hitting off tees is much easier to start off. Keep at it though if u enjoy it and u will improve I’m sure I’m going today and then next week I play a 9 hole course with a second hand set I’ve bought 🙂 this video is very relatable to me and many folks I’m sure 👍🏻

    34. vape goon says:

      First female golfers have a problem with taking a chunk…don't you're suppose too. Second using your woods stand closer to ball and I found if I don't spread legs as much it helps…3rd watch mo norman

    35. B says:

      Caveat to your point about driving range "bays" or the Urinal as you say haha. I would argue they are the worst for beginners as what happens is they end up shanking or topping the ball into the sides which makes a huge bang or noise and attracts even more attention!!

      I started a year ago and am down to HC 14, I never played golf before but am sporty so took to it quick(ish). Best advice i would give it just swing free, don't worry about straight arms and rigid grip, just swoosh the club around as loud as possible , use your legs for power. The best YouTube channel ever for amateurs is Zen Golf, they will blow your mind and make practice so much more fun ✌✌ I guarantee it , good luck with you journey!!

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