Fixing 8 Golf Swing Mistakes with ONE Drill!

With one simple golf drill, is it really possible to fix your golf swing entirely? David came to GRF with a checklist of his golf swing mistakes that he wanted to fix, and with this one drill, we saw him significantly improve his golf swing. In this golf coaching session, we showed David that very drill that will help you perfect your golf swing and improve your golf game as a result, as you transition into having an effortless golf swing! We hope this golf swing drill helps! Thank you again to David for coming to GRFgolf and allowing us to cut his lesson down to post here.

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Marcus Bell is a registered exercise professional and sports bio-mechanist but any exercises recommended or suggested in this video are performed purely at the individual’s own risk.


8 Replies to “Fixing 8 Golf Swing Mistakes with ONE Drill!”

  1. B says:

    love the editing!

  2. Len S says:

    He started with a nice swing and ended with a great one

  3. Mr Kipling says:

    Well done. Great effort!

  4. John Harris says:

    What a delight it must be for you and your team when someone like David comes along. His flexibility is incredible for his age , long drive champ in his age bracket in the making.

  5. Glen Carter says:

    Fantastic. David must have left with a clear head, new swing and a smile.

  6. Noel O'Hara says:

    One of your best. I tried that drill in the sand,it feels completely natural and completely different to my current swing. That guy dave was one of the most impressive improvements. Are we going to see the other 4 items on his list? Hopefully the driver!

  7. Drew Mac says:

    What a lovely chap David is.

  8. Rich Kosmerl says:

    Love it. Especially the motion generated by the stick in sand

    David learned quickly and really had excellent mobility through the swing and follow through.

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