FootJoy Pro SL Golf Shoes! An HONEST Review!

A review of the FootJoy Pro SL Golf Shoes. One of the best pairs of shoes released in recent times! They have a great tour presence too! I talk about the tech in the shoe then review them, one downside of the shoes is that they loosen up a lot so can lose their fit, this is after a year of use though!


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    7 Replies to “FootJoy Pro SL Golf Shoes! An HONEST Review!”

    1. Love them, but my soles are pretty worn now. Shoe itself is still very good condition. Any way i can refurbish soles??

    2. golf raven says:

      had my pair for over a year now and they still squeak for whichever reason. Never had issues withe DryJoy Tour (previous model) 🤨 Any idea why?

    3. I’m on pair #2. Extremely comfy but they look like bowling shoes 😆

    4. i5 gamig pc ekak hadaganna kiyak yayida

    5. jgm4661 says:

      Thanks for the review. Had concerns about the tightness in the toe too so reassuring to know they stretch out a little as fit ok other wise

    6. Thanks for posting fella. Currently wearing one of 4 pairs of Dryjoy Casual which is the most comfortable golf shoe I've owned in 30+ years of playing. Will take you up on your recommendation and get some ProSL action for the summer (if it ever arrives!). Keep up the good work.

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