Footjoy Sport Golf Shoes The Footjoy Sport golf shoes for 2011 reviewsed in HD by Mark Crossfield the internet golf professional. See the quality and style of one of Foojoy’s lightweigh fashionable golf shoes.


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    6 Replies to “Footjoy Sport Golf Shoes”

    1. tbone says:

      Accidentally turned on captions, hilarious.

    2. Peter B says:

      Do some more shoe reviews

    3. Stephen says:

      Just got a pair of the white/white. Very comfortable, a little narrower than the Dryjoys but feels great and very light. Could walk in these all day.

    4. UADRFC1 says:

      I just bought a pair of these I think there a little uncomfortable compared to the addias 360 I wore last year but I suppose they may just need breaking in. They are def light though

    5. DanTuber says:

      Can you tell us the prices?

    6. Harry Nash says:

      I grabbed these for a bargain £30 because it was the last pair and you're right, these are unbelievably light and comfortable! But they still maintain the footjoy waterproofness and they don't get scratched or lose their finish which I found to be the case when wearing my dryjoy 20th anniversary shoes in the winter. Great vids, keep them coming

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