Full Lit Range Session | Unreal Ball Flights

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In today’s video I’m going through a full range session. I will break down some of the things I’m working on and things that I’m trying to feel in my swing to create consistency. I hope you you guys enjoy this video and maybe take something and apply is to your own game! get out there and get something done! Thank you for watching

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Im excited for new content and new ideas, I plan to play in a lot more tournaments including multiple day events. GoodGood Golf is in the process of a lot of new and exciting things. Me and Garrett (GMGOLF) are talking about how we are going to resume the Sunday Matches in 2022. Videos with Rick Shiels, Peter Finch and Bryson DeChambeau are collabs I want to do. Lets Make 2022 the best year yet


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    27 Replies to “Full Lit Range Session | Unreal Ball Flights”

    1. Robert Brown says:

      I've discovered Micah Morris' secret – it's the long hair, like Sampson!

    2. kerriwyd says:

      night range hitting on a lit course… "its getting a little dark"

    3. Micah and Grant have the smoothest swings in the group.

    4. Brent Kiyota says:

      Micah…new to your channel. love what you do. what irons do you play. I am looking for a new set of clubs and am having a challenge with finding a set with 2 irons in them. I currently use an old Nike OSS circa early nineties. Let me know so I can check them out

    5. Ron Do says:

      Is that a new bag? Looks like a Vessel bag…so clean!

    6. GeoffAskew says:

      My sim 2 just broke at my last range session😩 seeing you smack bombs is making me itch to get the dstick back in hand.

    7. SicxdGixxd says:

      He’s right to fast on the down swing driver

    8. AKAFIZZLE says:

      You guys had the speed monitor in the wrong place – it has to be at a 45 degree angle to the ball. Might be why you're getting weird readings..

    9. Irons lovley… Hit the driver likewise… Baby draw…. 😘

    10. Your work needs to be on short range distance! You hit it long enough! Get your yardage with even club!

    11. Ben Ridgway says:

      I always think If Im getting quicker with my driver hit a few wedges to get back in the rhythm

    12. This was both lit and unreal

    13. Oliver Adami says:

      Is that the TM SIM 2 Driver? Looks to be working great for you.

    14. Drew Merritt says:

      Do you know of any grass lit ranges in KC?

    15. Overdraw a lot. You want to play pro! ?Have to hit it both ways… get your coach to help you not come from the inside soooo much. I have faith you can do it but gotta make the change my man

    16. Michael says:

      those drives were unreal

    17. Man, when Bubbie told you to slow down, then fixed the ball position, its like every smooth swing was right in between those trees. Butter.

    18. Steve Branch says:

      Some great shots Micah, and great tempo advice from Bubbie

    19. Micah, ur swing is so pure!!!! 🔥 Ur gonna go pro, that's all I know!!!

    20. Adam Higson says:

      What club were you sayings unreal there Micah great ball flights!

    21. Bubbie 100% right about the tempo. Your swing is so sexy man. Do you have any swing thoughts when you're hitting?

    22. Did Bubbie just fix Micah's game?!?!??!?!?! Let's go. Grant who? lol 🙂

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