Full Swing into Impact Bag – lower body stability cueing

The second to final installment within the collection on creating golf swing velocity/energy via coordination.

We have now labored our approach up the chain emphasizing particularly proximal section stability/deceleration as a perform of facilitating distal section mobility/acceleration. Beginning with pelvis-higher torso, then higher torso-arms and our final installment concerned connecting the body chain to the membership launch dynamic with a modified chop sample utilizing a membership, affect bag and a stability ball.

This subsequent installment is tying all of them collectively into a extra pure swing associated motion. It’s not a golf swing, however an train designed to take the body via patterns within the golf swing context. We’ll proceed to make use of the affect bag and the stability ball to emphasise proximal stability patterns. The first emotions must be lower body stability and permitting the arms to “launch” or acceleration away from the higher torso which ought to promote an easy launch of the membership into the affect bag.

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