Functional fitness exercise program for golfers

This functional fitness exercise program was devised by Jim George, who is a professor in the Department of Exercise Sciences at Brigham-Young University, which is located in Provo, Utah.

Jim George was my model golfer for my 6.9 hour video project on “How to Perform a Golf Swing Like a PGA Tour Golfer”.


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    4 Replies to “Functional fitness exercise program for golfers”

    1. sandeep rao says:

      Jim, in your series with Jeff Mann at one you guys show some exercises with the dual grip medicine ball, which Jeff says his is favorite training aid. I want to get one of these, in the video I see it is a 6 lb ball. Is that the best weight to use or do you use something heavier? I see they come in many weights up to 20 lbs.

    2. so doing these exercises everyday will help bring you back to muscular balance? Great video btw!

    3. Jim George says:

      Thanks for watching. Stretching is worthwhile if you see progress. It can be a waste of time, however, if you have over- and under-active muscles (poor muscle balance). Doing all 12 exercises daily until you are competent with each one (and can hold each exercise for at least 1 minute using perfect form) is probably the best thing to start with. Once you have developed better muscle balance, then some stretching can be good. We will post additional videos on vital fitness topics in the future! PS: The golf swing is a great stretch for thoracic spine, shoulder, and hip mobility!

    4. longhitter52 says:

      Great video! Thank you! One question: when performing such stabilty and muscle balance exercises regulary would you recommend to do streching exercises in addition or is it simply not necessary any more?

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