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    4 Replies to “Future of the Presidents Cup?”

    1. SantiagoE Go says:

      9 losses equates to 20 years of losing, if that were a corporation, it would be bankrupt! SHUT IT DOWN!

    2. NBT 3 says:

      While USA won the cup, the international team was winning in getting these newer young players visibility. Amazing young players with seasoned-vets like Adam Scott help them learn and deal with the competition. Think about the language barriers alone being an issue with bonding etc. IT didn't have anything to be ashamed of. The USA fans were very good, and supportive of the IT players when they interacted with the crowd. I thought it was the course that won the event as it made putting the focus.

    3. NBT 3 says:

      The greens at Quial are so difficult to play. Even all the course knowledge won't help with the "slight misse." Played on Monday and many of the pins were nearly impossible to get it close.

    4. NBT 3 says:

      Combined ladies and men would be a really competitive event.

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