G/Fore Disruptor Golf Shoes | The REVIEW | The best everyday golf shoe?

A look at the G/Fore Disruptor golf shoes in the snow colour way. These are a great pair of shoes that I wear a hell of a lot, a couple of things I forgot to mention, they go great on the course as well as off, with there trainer look, nobody would know you are wearing golf shoes. Also, they are very comfy, after the initial few wears and the ache in my toes they have become very comfortable.

Hope you enjoy the video!

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    8 Replies to “G/Fore Disruptor Golf Shoes | The REVIEW | The best everyday golf shoe?”

    1. Zachary Ley says:

      This company is a joke 😐 go ahead find something that fits. I'll wait…

    2. Gallivanters fit true to size because of their pointier toe design. MG4.1's run small. MG4+'s are hit or miss; Snow and Onyx fit great, Moonlight were a little tight, Nimbus and Charcoal were too small. Waiting on new Camo.

    3. I’ve had these for 9 months, and the tread on the sole has barely worn. However, the stitching on the toe of one of the shoes had totally worn out from where I go toe up in my swing, causing the one shoe to fall apart and have a gaping hole in the front. Very annoying.

    4. Armi says:

      Just bought the high top versions today!! Will see how they feel, might just wear them as an everyday shoe

    5. Love the disruptors. Played in them today in fact.

    6. Nice looking shoe 👍 Looks similar to the original adidas adiCross and the current adiPure Cross, which as you said, harks back to the adidas Stan Smith 🏌️

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