G425 Fairways Fit for Torrey

Customized-fit and custom-built to tackle Torrey. Hear how we labored with #TeamPING to get their higher-lofted fairway woods prepared for #USOpen situations. #G425


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    3 Replies to “G425 Fairways Fit for Torrey”

    1. Joe Doaks says:

      why a 7 wood vs a hybrid?

    2. I've been a PIng player my entire life, all the way back since the original Eye 2 that I learned with. Now I have the 425 irons with the 410 driver, 3 and hybrid. Man as a life long customer (and always will be) I would love for you guys to send me one of those 7 woods! What's a guy gotta do? I'm no pro but I play on the NYS Am Series, I'll brag to all the players about you guys if you hook me up!! haha c'mon fellas….Oh and I also play the Glide 3.0 wedges 50 54 and 60, best wedges I ever had period.

    3. Bandit Baker says:

      It's great to see 5, 7 & 9 Fairway Metals getting some action these days👍

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