GALAXY WATCH 6 vs GALAXY WATCH 6 CLASSIC [Samsung's Subtle Changes]

Galaxy Watch 6 & Classic (latest price) πŸ‘‰
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Why is the Samsung Galaxy Watch6 Classic $100 more than the Watch6? There are a few differences but it is mostly the same watch. Let me explain.

Please comment below with any questions you might have. Thank you all for watching! I appreciate you!

$100 price difference

Stainless steel vs aluminum (softer, lighter)
Rotating bezel vs touch bezel
Finger does not block display (two fingers vs one)
40 & 44mm vs 43mm & 47mm
9mm thick vs 10.9mm
Protected edge of watch
2 colors with classic vs 3 with active
Included band is either the silicone sport band or the hybrid corn leather band
You can choose which you get when you order online and both are 20mm interchangeable bands
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Same exact display size and resolution

Same exact chip, storage, battery,

The Classic is BIG. The rotating bezel is nice though. Think about where you want to use it.

Tracking sleep
Dressing up

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25 Replies to “GALAXY WATCH 6 vs GALAXY WATCH 6 CLASSIC [Samsung's Subtle Changes]”

  1. Mike O'Brien says:

    Galaxy Watch 6 & Classic (latest price) πŸ‘‰
    So what do you think? Save $100 on the active version, or spend it on the Classic?
    Disclaimer: We aim to test as many devices as possible to help you make decisions with confidence. To make this possible, many of these product links direct you to our partners (such as Amazon). This does not influence our evaluations and costs absolutely nothing to you! To learn more, please read the description of this video.

  2. Harsh Seth says:

    Can somebody help me know will it be fully compatible with non Samsung Android phone

  3. 43mm vs 47mm classic. I really want the better battery life, but dont want a massove chunky heavy watch. Anyone seen both. Is there a big difference in bulkiness

  4. Since 47mm is bigger on ur wrist, is 43mm watch 6 classic a perfect fit to ur wrist?

  5. Jerry Ber says:

    Two years later, I still have the watch 4 classic. Good to see they brought the rotating bezel back! πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰

  6. CV Hawkeye says:

    Is there going to be a 6 Pro?

  7. Reese Fowler says:

    I’m an apple user but I’m getting a Samsung as a second line, I used an older galaxy watch with a rotating bezel (2016?) and enjoyed it, but I feel having the same feature as haptic feedback is fine and more modern. The all flat display is very appealing to the eye. No need to spend extra money for the rotating ring, so I got the regular 6 and some glass protectors on Amazon. ☺️

  8. Is that the 47mm watch 6 classic you using in the video?

  9. Andre says:

    Mr. O'Brien great videos I subscribe to ask you this… do you think the 43 mm classic will be too small for my wrist 7 1/4? For the last three watches I've had the 44 mm I don't know if I made a mistake purchasing the 43 classic😒 does the 47 mm feel too big for your wrist as well as look too large?

  10. I actually got a classic 4 sent to me when i sent in my regular 4 to get repaired. They told me i can keep the better one if i wanted, told them no, i specifially didnt want the rotating bezel. Between working in a shop with small.metal shavings and having a kid, i dont trust the bezel to not break or get friction from stuff getting inside.

  11. malmass68 says:

    I'm planning to pay watch 6 because it's more comfy and better for sports πŸ™„

  12. Haja Klar says:

    I always think the classic ones from samsung look so stupid. The ring is just way too high and too prominent. I could never wear one of those, not even if I got one free. I got the Huawei watch 4 and despite missing some features, I really like it. the pro is too big and thick for me

  13. Rob P says:

    Any idea if a Galaxy Active watch 3 is happening?

  14. DJ D says:

    Do you need a Samsung phone to use all of the features of the watch? For example, would all of the health tracking features be available on a pixel phone?

  15. Finally, Samsung brought back the rotating bezel from the watch 4 which is a killer feature for most people.
    I have the watch 4 classic,still and awesome watch.

  16. Nem Email says:

    Probaly, probably… You probably dont know. πŸ˜‚

  17. Kellen Rhoda says:

    It would be so helpful to know your wrist size?!?! I cannot decide between the 47 and 43mm. I have about a 6.75 inch wrist. Whata your wrist size and you are wearing the 47mm correct?

  18. Hey Mike,

    Can you please help me how are the haptics on this model? Are they improved from Watch 5 pro?

    The only thing stopping me from using Samsung is the apple watch ultra, which has one of the best haptics in watches. I used to regularly miss calls and notifications on my watch 5 pro when I had it.

    If the haptics are improved I will definitely move to Samsung, which has a better phone overall.

  19. Arjun Jangid says:

    Samsung listened to customers and bring back the Classic watch!! That physical rotating Knob is fantastic the experience is amazing on that. πŸ‘Œ πŸ‘

  20. Joe Albergo says:

    Excellent video. Thank you.

  21. K1 says:

    I don't suppose you can connect two watches to one phone? …I have a watch 5 but I wouldn't mind a watch 6 classic …so I would use one during the day and one just overnight for the sleep while the other one charges.

  22. Yo.Adrian! says:

    I don't know if it's worth upgrading my Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro LTE to the latest model just for the rotating bezel.

    Unfortunately, I did just buy it in April, so I guess I'll stick to my Watch 5 Pro for a year or two – hopefully Samsung will continue to use the physical rotating bezel in their future watches and not drop it when I decide to upgrade my watch.

  23. Opiate says:

    Do we know if a titanium version will be released?

  24. we need a watch 5 vs watch 6

  25. EB Lou Lou says:

    I’d get the classics but it looks too big for my wrist. Too bad 40mm not available

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