Game Changing Mental Exercises to Instantly Lower Your Scores

Today I have mental golf lesson with Dr Cody Commander (the mental health officer for the Tokyo Olympic Games) to go over golf psychology, mental tips, and mental exercises to help your golf game. We go over various mental golf tips and exercises you can do to help you lower your score and help you with your golf game overall.

00:00 Introduction
02:49 Setting Golf Goal Expectations
05:11 Adding Mental Structure to Practice
06:54 Stress during the Scratch to Scratch Journey
08:29 Off the course habits
10:27 Recovery & Refueling as a Top Athlete
12:39 Experience at the Olympics
13:51 Mental Check Exercise
14:39 Developing Coping Skills
18:06 Most memorable moment at the Olympics
20:15 We are just like Olympic athletes?
21:28 Self Mental Check
23:59 3 main intervention techniques for mental performance
25:20 Why people love golf
28:20 Use this Reframing technique
29:42 Cognitive Distortions
33:32 The idea of stress and how to manipulate it for your benefit
36:27 Fruits & Vegetables Mental Exercise
38:54 Mental Exercise Homework

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6 Replies to “Game Changing Mental Exercises to Instantly Lower Your Scores”

  1. Zoobie Dooda says:

    Awesome videos. Just picking up golf again in retirement so fascinated by your videos. Would be great if you could do a vlog on your practice day? Good luck!

  2. It is encouraging that you have a FT job. I work remote so maybe working and pursing scratch golf might be within reach for me as well. I've watched all your videos -some twice. Keep up the great content

  3. Stevie. J says:

    Hi jerome, watched every episode and loving it.. What you are doing is like trying to get a black belt in a martial art really fast. You can do it just stay patient and keep smiling😁good luck bud⛳👊

  4. The Golftec dude is not even a good coach

  5. FlyWithMe666 says:

    So, you still got a full time job? I assumed this was an all-in only golf project. Respect, your day must have like 36 hours for job+lessons+training+youtube.

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