Garmin Approach S62 – walk through of how you would use the golf watch on the course!

Hey @Garmin! I’d be happy to do more reviews of your product! Like the CT10, G80 and anything else. Let’s Garmin “Connect”!

I’m at Silver Lakes Golf and Country Club, 2nd round of the year!

I’ll show you every step of the way, how I would use the watch from the moment you’re in the tee box, up until after you drop your putt. The various actions to input data for club tracking and tracking your score on the watch. All this is important if you want to collect and analyze your golf data afterwards.

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If you haven’t see it already, my full review of the S62 here:



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    44 Replies to “Garmin Approach S62 – walk through of how you would use the golf watch on the course!”

    1. hi if your a right handed player, are you required to put the watch on your left wrist in order for the club prompt to work?

      i am a right handed player but my watch is on my right wrist, club prompt is not working at all but it is switched on


    2. David Yu says:

      Hello! Once you activated the Virtual Caddy with the 5 rounds, do I need to continue uploading scorecards to the watch? Personally, I just want to upload my score to the app on my phone. I just started so I'm sure my yardage will increase. Or, can I just use the club prompt option only to upgrade my yardages after I activate the 5 rounds? Thank you.

    3. JM says:

      Je préfère jouer au golf que de memmerder à taper sur une montre pendant ma ronde.
      Beau paysage et belle nature.

    4. Phil Zazzera says:

      How did you get the wind function to work?

    5. Peter Leung says:

      When you enter stroke, that means how many it took to get on the green? then putts, the same to get in the hole. or is the stroke inclusive of the putts?

    6. How can I find save scores

    7. Nick V says:

      At the 3:26 I don’t have next , I just input my score and then it’s done? Was there an update that changed this ? Also sometimes it registers the shot but doesn’t prompt me to say which club. Thanks for the video !

    8. John Cupps says:

      Just got the watch. Only have three rounds on it right now. But love it so far.

    9. Paul Brown says:

      Is the S62 the only watch that allows you to enter what club you hit, and then based on your next shot record the distance? I think this is way better than those dodgy tags that miss shots..

    10. Tony Frese says:

      I play golf right handed but I’m a natural lefty. Would wearing the watch on my right hand while golfing righty affect anything?

    11. Rob Gimenez says:

      Thanks for the video. If your bunkers have damp, heavy sand, use a low bounce 60deg wedge. I use a 4deg bounce as we’ve had wet sand for months now.
      Full length swing but only 20-30 % power. Cheerd

    12. Troy Pfeffer says:

      Out of wet sand a club with less bounce helps, 6 or 8 degrees, if that's not an option you've got to hit the sand a little closer to the ball, with a slighter steeper swing👍🏌‍♂️

    13. Gas Bunny says:

      0:51 that is an interesting form/swing

    14. gail hill says:

      Dont forget mothers day either 😁

    15. Jonas Pareja says:

      How do you change the background in the watch? 🙌🏽 tia

    16. Jonas Pareja says:

      How do you change the background on your watch? 🙌🏽 tia

    17. Keith Brown says:

      keep your head down, thanks for the review!

    18. AdamDunn121 says:

      Hi just wondering how you view your round at the end of the video. The bit you can see how far each shot etc has went. I have the garmin golf app but can’t find this feature. Thanks

    19. Chris I says:

      Great review EK. Did the S62 accurately track your steps? When I use the S42 and I ride a cart, it still thinks I walked the course and tells me after the round I've walked for example 12,000 steps when I really didn't. I do care about how many steps I really walk but don't want to cheat with inaccurate step counts through riding a cart. Let me know. Thanks.

    20. gbC4mpos says:

      Great video, well done!

    21. Tremendous wedge shot at the 3 minute mark!

    22. Do you have the things that go into the end of your clubs, or are you just telling the watch which club you swung to get distances for each club measured?

    23. Derek says:

      Wet sand SUCKS!

    24. Dafydd Gould says:

      Hi I have a vivoactive 3 watch that I use for my golf, it also has shot detection on it but sometimes it doesn't register the shot or I'm driving 400yrds lol (yes I know it's not a dedicated golf watch) so was wondering how accurate is the shot detection and has it missed shots?

    25. Mike Southam says:

      Nice video man. Nice putt with the wedge on the 2nd hole 🙂

    26. dann metal says:

      mate, excellent review (saw the last one too; unboxing). I don't think anyone's done a fairly comprehensive test. Me as a starter of golf, I can't give tips/advice but I have subscribed mate! Cheers. Dan

    27. rericus says:

      For a how to video, this showed me nothing.

    28. Milly says:

      Only problem is it doesn’t pick up my own course,

    29. razerfish says:

      My watch doesn't show this, just the yardages in black and white

    30. Jacky Wu says:

      hey, EK, all the data with approach watch S62 need to also use the Approach CT10 tracker at the same time?

    31. Sumimasn says:

      I noticed there seems to be an indicator of the types of clubs you're playing in you watch. Can you please tell me where to input the club info on the watch? Thanks

    32. albionsteve says:

      Got this watch 4 days ago and it is pretty damn useless as a smart watch so many issues I don't know where to begin.
      Just hope it lives up to the hype on the golf course or it's going back.

    33. Thierry says:

      Hey great video!!
      I was wondering if this watch is big since i have small wrist 😅

    34. durian shake says:

      Just bought my S62 last week… It's already my 3rd round.. why I couldn't see something prompting me what club I used everytime I smash inspite turning on the club prompt? No automatic recognition of clubs I used. I just manually input the club everytime thru "last shot"…. I know virtual caddie will start after 5 rounds

    35. Do you have to download the course..? You haven’t explained that..?

    36. Kevin J says:

      Thanks! Just got my S62. Great video, pretty chill guy. Be happy to play anytime. I'm in the US though ….. Keep your right foot planted; don't lift your heel.

    37. EK great video got my S62 played my 5 rounds but virtual caddie not active on 6th round am a lefty and worn my S62 on my left wrist should i have been wearing it on my Lead wrist (right) that's what people are saying

    38. Griffin says:

      I'm a lefty and wear my watches on the left. I know it says that you should wear it on your lead hand, but I was just curious if you've used it on your left wrist and if it affected the shot detection. Thanks.

    39. Hard bunker use less bounce on the wedge. Wide stance, bend knees aim an inch behind ball and follow thru. Take a long swing and accelerate the ball

      If you have a lot of bounce, it won’t work.

    40. denny says:

      just got s62. very helpful to understand about this watch!

    41. Ed Guieb says:

      Bro how do you install your p790 iron name brand on there ..I have the same set, also I don’t recall being able to select the club I hit after a shot

    42. AaronH. says:

      Can you look at course layouts without being at the course? For instance, if you wanted to look over some of the holes the night before a round, and check distances to hazards, etc.

    43. AaronH. says:

      Do you know if the S62 is bulkier than the S60? Not screen size, actual of the watch face including the bezel

    44. I use a 60 degree wegde in wet sand and just scratch the top 2mm of sand,

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