Getting BANNED for doing this?! Stupid Golf Rules! #EP81

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    40 Replies to “Getting BANNED for doing this?! Stupid Golf Rules! #EP81”

    1. Alan potter says:

      I dont care what you say,jeans have no place on a golf course,ever,smart dress at all times,no excuses,its not hard to dress smart is it.

    2. I worked at a very relaxed golf club…the one rule we had which we stood firm with was drinking around the practice areas….this was brought in because a lot of members would leave bottles around the practice green or chipping area, and a few times this would end up with broken glass. A few times older members would walk across with a bottle of beer and start practicing, we would walk up ask them to go back in and most would listen. But once or twice members would argue, so myself and the manager would pick up bottles and walk off with them. One member swung his club at the manager and was promptly barred for life…this then ended up in about 20 members asking for the manager to be fired, the committee even had a meeting about this. All the staff wrote a letter to the committee basically saying if this happened we would all walk out, this was signed by bar staff, green keepers and the pro staff.

    3. Josh N says:

      @4:31 I had a similar situation at a course I played at just a few weeks ago in San Diego. My tee shot had landed next to a tree where I had no good stance. I decided to do a quick punch out to the fairway, but due to how close my ball was to the tree I had to stand facing away from my target and was attempting to hit the ball basically backwards with 1 hand trying to advance the ball up the fairway. I've done this shot many times before and it's honestly pretty easy to pull off. The Course Marshal pulled up as I was taking a few practice swings and says "you're not good enough to pull that off". I gave him that "wtf did you just say" look and proceeded to punch the ball to exactly where I wanted, 1 quick pitch from the middle of the fairway later and I'm looking at a ~5 feet for Par. The Marshal didn't stick around very long. Hoping he wasn't so petty that this is related, but he would spend the rest of our round hounding us about our pace of play even though the group behind us was always at least half a hole behind.

    4. Golf Hound says:

      Obviously the starter didn't know anything about golf or golfers – "You don't look/dress like you can play from these back tees." Different story. I was on the first tee and after hitting my drive slightly off line where I might lose it, I was going to hit a provisional. But the starter said I was playing two balls, therefore playing twice as much golf and should be charged an extra green fee. What a head scratcher. I didn't hit a provisional and went down the fairway laughing at his ignorance. You either laugh or get pissed off and let it ruin your round. No doubt, I wondered how hard up the staff were to hire a starter that they got this guy. LOL

    5. Jeans are not allowed.

    6. I’m from the southern US where it’s 95 and extremely humid several days during the summer. Therefore, I refuse to go somewhere that requires pants year round. They’re lucky I’ll even wear shorts.

    7. puahunter1 says:

      I have a course that you can where your work boots and jeans. It’s one of my favorite courses. However I’ve worn jeans twice and honestly I was uncomfortable. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on pants. Walter Hagen pants count 90 US dollars I use the Amazon brand for 30.

    8. TUNDRA-7 says:

      How does one go on a golf trip and only have jeans?

    9. If you really want to get annoyed try and watch a programme about a golf club called the Warren that was made many years ago by the BBC, it really was unbelievable,

    10. Jason Graham says:

      I’m 100% against music on the course. I hate it more than anything. Why is it being allowed?

    11. justaname says:

      Honestly the rules on golf attire are a joke get over yourself we are hitting balls down grass. if it's a competition of some sort I understand but on casual play grow up they are just clothing a pair of jeans are not going to turn into a monster and attack you.

    12. Banned for 4 weeks would have me leaving the club

    13. I’d of said denim material would classify jeans

    14. Those have nothing to do with the rules of golf, but the rules and or dress standards of specific golf clubs that are set by their committees or boards.
      Most private golf clubs Ive ever played at have dress standards that, among other things, do not allow denim on the course or in the clubhouse, which is fine for those clubs to do, its their choice, and most jeans are made from denim, therefore most jeans are banned, although I have worn jeans while playing professional events at several private clubs here in Aus, but they were not denim, they just looked like thicker winter pants and I didnt have an issue. Whether we like or agree with it or not, if denim is banned at a specific club and you wish to play there, then one has to abide by the standards that they set, or dont play, its very simple.

      The 2nd story was quite a shocker, and clearly a huge overreaction by the committee, the club should be named and shamed for their deplorable actions.

    15. Nobel Steed says:

      I was denied use of the driving range while wearing my nicest "jeans"with a golf shirt. Went back to hit a bucket the next day wearing a dirty work shirt and dirty pants.(and I mean filthy, something an auto mechanic would wear after a bad day) just to test the rule…no problem at all. (Public coarse)

    16. Nathan Goode says:

      This is why I play mostly small rural courses.

    17. Jim Tillison says:

      I think the difference between out of bounds and ball in the hazard is stupid.
      Seriously, what is the difference?

    18. Mark I says:

      I wore a Tiger Woods brand shirt he wears in tournaments and was told it is an illegal shirt and I could not play wearing it. Luckily I had an old shirt in my truck that looked like hell, but it was collared, so they allowed it.

    19. cslang2 says:

      Lifelong golfer and I’ve never understood why any course cares about jeans. The only argument I can even fathom is that you shouldn’t wear “ratty” or “worn out” pants of any kind, material should be/is 100% irrelevant

    20. "Respectful golf attire" what is this, a fqking religion? No, it's the way to keep the "undesirables" in their place, out of sight out of mind.

    21. I'm sorry but if you do not have any golf attire and turn up to a decent course in jeans, you probably shouldn't be playing from the whites!

    22. Boxy84 says:

      Huh your tee box based on handicap. In that case I play the wrong farther tee. My group of friends. Only 1 of us may be able to shoot consistent 80s but we decided to play over 6k yard boxes just to hit more than woods and wedges. Just seems like if I play from whites and play my drive where it went ob I'm hitting a wedge still. Rather hit more than half a bag.

    23. Boycott that club! Ha. That sounds personal😀

    24. Jimmy says:

      Based on the first two, I'm surprised Rick didn't side with the club who banned those guys for 4 weeks. "Send in your stories and we'll tell you why the golf establishment was right to not want riffraff such as yourselves dirtying the fairways."

    25. T G says:

      I disagree on tee choice comment. I have a handicap of 18 but I drive the ball 290. I am no better with a 5 wood. I play whites and often drive through doglegs. Marshals don’t necessarily know anything.

    26. Alex says:

      In 2020 the year of the big lockdown myself and 2 mates decided to take up golf as it was an allowed socially distant for of exercise.
      Our local golf course wasn't anything fancy but we enjoyed playing there. After about 6 months of playing once to twice a week we decided to take a trip to another golf course that was a bit more upmarket and well known for being an enjoyable course to play.
      We packed our own lunch and booked golf carts so we could enjoy ourselves without to much walking.
      On the day we arrive early and head to the clubhouse to book in and collect the golf carts.
      As soon as we get into the clubhouse the woman behind the counter proceeds to ignore our existence until we ask if we are in the right place to sign in.
      She curtly asked if we had a booking which we did and also informed her of our golf cart booking.
      She then proceeded to tell us that golf carts weren't allowed on the course today as rain had made the course to damp and they didn't want to damage it (fair enough makes sense to us)
      So we ask to borrow some push carts for our bags as they were not free-standing and would be a pain to lug around.
      At which point she noticed our cooler bag and said that she wouldn't have lent us the golf carts anyway as we were clearly planning on drinking (we weren't it was lunch and water) and gave us a look as if saying typical young people (we are all late 20's)
      After this we got out on the course to find other people driving around in golf carts and also drinking.
      Suffice to say we were obviously judged on our age and were pretty pissed off.
      Once we finished our round we returned the push carts and she greeted us by saying that we were late (didn't know we had a time limit) and we were lucky to not be charged for making her wait to receive the carts (it was 4:30pm)
      After that we decided to never play their again and my mates were high up in the company that actually owned the course so the manager got a very detailed email about the events.
      Moral of the story is don't gatekeep golf. It's for everyone and anyone can play. Because if your rude to the wrong person, we'll you never know who they actually are and who they know.

    27. Paul M says:

      I live in Thailand, many years ago I went to play a tournament at a course I rarely played, I was wearing golf sandals (hot weather here). An official told me I had to have socks, I was sent to the club house where I bought a pair of socks which I didn't have to wear, the official just wanted me to have them was all. I vowed never to play that course again, and I haven't.

    28. Chambers Bay and The Home Course in Tacoma, WA being my two closest courses and the ones I play the most… they have “average driving distance = ideal tees” graphs on their scorecard. Similar to what Rick says but different in that I have played with an 80 year old that was a + and drove the ball 150 (obviously the most beautiful little baby draw each time). The distance thing seems to work well, and you’re just referred to the card, not having someone tell you where to play (which someone could consider insulting)

    29. Rules.. why can you not lay the club in the sand before playing a shot? Its exactly like playing a shot out of the rough or fairway…how does it change any shot you would play.doesntake sense..

    30. Talk a little slower, mon … if you want us Muricans to be able to follow

    31. I know of a club champion who was suspended for changing his shoes in the car park. Must change in the locker room.

    32. Little different from “rules of golf” but me and 3 of my usual partners go to our home town course last year that we’ve been playing at for 3 years one of my buddies hit a ball that just happened to roll down onto the par 3 next to us so he goes to grab it and this guy whos gotta be in his late 50’s whips a little revolver out of his bag 😭🤣telling us “ill shoot one of ya” needless to say a few weeks of golf were free 18’s 🤷🏻‍♂️

    33. sqwoodle says:

      The dress code should be meant to have recourse against egregious offenders. If the jeans aren’t too worn/cut up, I don’t understand what complaint someone can raise, especially if it’s their own tee time.

      I still regularly caddied a US top 20 club in clean khakis jeans. Never got a comment.

    34. Papa Shuk says:

      A couple of the premium courses I have played, the Marshall’s all talked me through my game and the tee boxes exactly to Ricks point. It’s is about enjoying a round of golf and the last thing I want to do is spend my day hitting a 3H into a par 4s.

    35. SPIKEYBABY says:

      Also, years ago a bunch of lads were playing a course ( i forget where ) one of them had shorts on and the pro told him he couldn't play unless he had socks that were knee length, obviously he didn't have them but the pro said he sold them in the shop, which he bought,,,,,, at an astronomical price,😀

    36. SPIKEYBABY says:

      A fourball was having a beer after a round ( they were members ) one of the guys had alopecia and was wearing a cap, he was quite young and was obviously embarrassed about it, the steward approached and demanded he removed his cap which he refused to do. They all got up and left and I never saw them again, I couldn't believe how dumb and uncaring the steward was, I really felt for the lad.

    37. Mike PXG says:

      Trousers not pants.

    38. HENO S.R.F.C says:

      I was on a shit hole golf course the hole area around it was a dump travellers living field over recking greens all that stuff . And some lesbian member came over told me I wasn't wearing the proper top I just pissed myself laughing she walked of in a huff you'd have to be there so funny

    39. Eric says:

      Every us needs ao them. Even when we're one of them, if there's none of the other, one's bound to, from time-to-time, become a them.
      Tribalism in a decreasingly clever disguise?

    40. Golf Gambino says:

      You don’t wear jeans!

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