Go from simulator to reality…

Simulator golf is not the real world. Bring the best from your indoor golf to the real golf course.

Let me help you get a effortless golfswing with speed and accuracy. A good release will help you to a better impact and longer drives and irons without slice and hook.

Long and straight is every ones goal but it takes time. Try to focus on one thing not everything when you practise. Impact, face control and swingpath will always be the most important part to drill.

If you use callaway, ping, titleist or taylor made clubs doesn’t matter you can learn to hit good golf shots. Your loft or your shaft on the club will not change but you can get better.

Find what inspires you. The pga tour, longdrivers or other good golfers can all help you find better golf shots. Watch what they do instead of listed to what they say. Listen mostly to your body and figure out what you need to do to produce the same results as the pros on TV.

Mike Malaska, Mike Austin, Mike Dunaway and Steve Pratt are some of my favorite golf instructors online. Find the tips that make your golf better. Decide what you want to hit. I teach a draw but many like a fade and nobody likes a hook or slice.

Your hips or your lag is not the key to golf. Your hands will decide the shot and you can do like Tiger Woods and trust your hands. Teach your hands to hit different shots. Hit big hooks and slices to understand what happens. Only straight is not gonna teach you anything.

Bryson Dechambeu and Kyle Birkshire can inspire you to hit it longer. Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson can give you inspiration and motivation to test new things and new golf shots.

The Masters, Players Championship, The Players, The Open and US Open can make you love golf even more. See the best in the world solve all the problems we all need to master any golf course. Golf is a craft and you need fantasy, feel and skills to master it.


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    9 Replies to “Go from simulator to reality…”

    1. I was told a long time ago and it seems right. The brain filters out not. So when you say do not miss the fairway you just told your brain do miss the fairway. When I find my self using the not word or something like that I stop and rephrase it. I will hit the fairway. I will fly it to the flag. It works better than you might think. Oh and matts support fat hits simple. It is by design. It closes the club face result limits slice. It allows for sliding on it on a fat shot with very little distance loss. So you look good on the range and suck on the coarse. It is by design now you suck you need more lessons. Yet no one is talking about contact which is the issue but you.

    2. Thumbs up as always! You see this all the time in indoor golf! By hitting good shots you'll get the right values and numbers in Trackman!

    3. Ken Hall says:

      Reality bites.
      Get out on the course as much as you can, I stopped scoring and just try to hit the best shot I can, that way when I hit a bad shot I can just concentrate on the next shot, If I hit 3,4 or 5 good shots in a row, I end up with a par or sometimes a birdie, the total score will come down when I just focus on good shots, not the total, I can play a bad round and still enjoy the good shots and the odd par or birdie.
      I just try to enjoy.

    4. Anne Hofstee says:

      A fat shot in reality is not enough weight shift, is it not?

    5. Brent says:

      That is why I use an impact mat to work on my low point and helps me identify if my shot is fat at my house or the range. By doing half shot’s using this has helped my game tremendously and no need to buy trackman.

    6. oveberthling says:

      Best thing with my golf is that I don’t care at all about the results. Having fun is key. Not the score!

    7. maeu59 says:

      Being afraid of losing a ball on the real course and not afraid on the sim, just like playing a video race car game, if you crash no big deal, but on the real road you might not survive. 😂

    8. Ulrich Maier says:

      Great video Marcus. The fat shot is the killer to golf. But the real question that you did not answer is what is the cause of the fat shot and I realize there are many possible causes. Last golf season I stopped practicing on the driving range alltogether because playing off the turf on the golf course is much different as the ground is more uneven and hitting out of the rough is very different too. Also the short game is where most of the practice needs to be done and hitting ball after ball on the driving range does nothing to improve the short game including putting. Certainly I like to hit the ball further too and I work on that every day but a good score depends mostly on quality of contact and the good touch in the short game.

    9. Truth in this one, Marcus. Took my sim game out on course this weekend and filmed. If I didn't have MINDFUL simulator practice, the results could have been very different.

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