Golf Backswing | Get Full Shoulder Turn Naturally And Easily!

Golf Backswing | Get Full Shoulder Turn Naturally And Easily!


How To Make A Full Powerful Shoulder Turn Naturally and effortlessly with Alex Fortey From The Art of Simple Golf

Sounds to good to be true for your own golf swing? it’s not!

If you have the ability to stand up you have the ability to make a golf backswing that has a full shoulder turn.

A full shoulder turn is key to a smooth tempo, a consistent golf swing and having power in your golf swing.

But here is the thing… It should not be forced and it should definitely not be strained when you try and get a full shoulder turn.

Golf Backswing Drill To Make A Full Shoulder Turn – Pull Your Right Shoulder Back.

So what I want you to do is stand up, get into your golf address and simple pull your right shoulder back behind you.

Allow you body to flow naturally in the hips and torso and you will see that the shoulder will turn more than enough for a perfect backswing.

Imagine looking over your shoulder when someone calls you name from directly behind you at 6 o’clock. Just keep your feet in place, even let your left heel raise if you need to (left heel if right handed golfer)

So there you see the golf swing made simple with a full shoulder turn that will give you you rhythm and timing as well as a power and consistency.


We have the golf swing and your total game boiled down to the most simple golf swing tips If you’re looking to get more power and consistency while improving key fundamentals!

Start having real control of your golf game. Be able to hit any shot, at any age, in golf with simple golf tips and lessons.

I look forward to working with you much more in the future with The Art of Simple Golf. Good luck with your golf.

Alex Fortey

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    44 Replies to “Golf Backswing | Get Full Shoulder Turn Naturally And Easily!”

    1. rizzo777777 says:

      Can do it perfectly without a club, but once the club comes in play my head moves off the ball very bad habit can’t break out of

    2. Dave says:

      How do you keep your left arm straight.

    3. Gary Paape says:

      A simple tip is usually the best tip. Thanks.

    4. fondu321 says:

      It's amazing to have the same feeling of a complete full backswing each time. At first, I felt like I was taking a huge swipe at it but very shortly I was able to get a nice repeatable swing. Like Alex said, it allows for much greater consistency in power, strike, etc. For me, this seems to allow me to control my rhythm and tempo much better than any other swing thought. I do this feeling on the left (lead) shoulder as well in practice but the right (trail) shoulder is my new normal go-to on finishing the backswing and controlling the timing.

    5. Light 15 says:

      Some people also argue that this pulling back the right shoulder also helps to protect the body for the seniors.

    6. Wilf50 says:

      Perfect .i videod my swing recently and was shocked how short by backswing has become lead arm only just past parallel at what i thought was top ! .been chasing the 30+ yrds ive lost in last few years and this is it why no full turn ..thanks for the info 👍

    7. Dreamy says:

      Wow love when I can find a tip to minimize swing thoughts through impact.

    8. MrBleedk says:

      Great stuff… I honestly believe this a key for me… THX A LOT!

    9. K C says:

      Just had a lesson telling me the same thing. As a 60 year old whos just started playing after a 15 year break i still find it hard to get a full turn in, It just puts too much strain on my back and knee.

    10. I can’t believe how much this has advanced my game. The cue also helps me to rotate my hips properly and keep my lead arm straight, thank you!!

    11. adri vreeke says:

      the turning must be is the right swingplane otherwize you are always over a terrible top thank you

    12. Ben Jonson says:

      Good presentation….short and to the point. Will try it.

    13. Tommy says:

      Thank you. Fantastic!

    14. Sum Ego says:

      I am through indefatigable swing failures have learned that the golf swing is all about the shoulder turn.

    15. I love the idea and the result. Definitely going to try it for myself. But I'd advocate for more of the "pull the right shoulder UP and back", because some folks might severely flatten overall if they're just thinking "pull it back".

    16. amfohr says:

      I think the right shoulder pull is a nice way but pulling it just BACK can easily go wrong. If you pull it to flat it will cause all kind of issues. There is a UP in this move and that is because you are supposed to keep the spine tilted towards the target line. So if you pull the right shoulder 'BACK' you should feel a gravity challenging effort otherwise there is not enough UP in the move; without enough UP you just pull the arms to the inside.

    17. Why this is so good : left shoulder turn thoughts don’t work as well for most people because it doesn’t guarantee that the right side gets into a completed and correct position ! This was the basis for Phil Ritson’s teaching of the golf swing ! John

    18. syris33 says:

      This is the one lesson I've never had in 20 years of playing golf. Today I've hit the ball better than I ever had! Instructor's never taught this to me. Thank you!

    19. All your tips are brilliantly simple and easy to execute.

    20. masonotp332 says:

      such a simple tip I took to the course today and let me tell you my ball striking and consistency increased immediately. Before I was taking the club away with my hands and swaying off the ball so I never knew how the shot would come out. Now I am standing over the ball and as long as I turn my shoulders back and through the ball it comes off pure and hot almost every time. Great content, cheers!

    21. Well explained Alex, this is perfect for all golfers who struggle with the shoulder turn in golf. Simple and easy to implement. Cheers

    22. Doug Lane says:

      Yes. Turn that right shoulder behind your head. It can revolutionize your swing. It will make the swing, and hitting the ball well, 100X easier, more powerful, repeatable. It simplifies so much. Finally you'll have the swing you've been dreaming of for years.

    23. Doug Lane says:

      Well taught. Simple, clear, doable. You make this full shoulder turn and the correct, powerful, repeatable downswing will be almost automatic…..

    24. Awesome tip! I'm trying to fix a power leak causing me great distance and a problematic shoulder turn in the backswing seems to be key. Correct me if I'm wrong, with a correct turn in the backswing, it seems I don't have to think about initiating my legs and hips for the downswing?…it feels almost automatic which in turn a natural backswing will induce a natural downswing. Is another feeling in the backswing is your upper body seems to get closer to the ball/ground? (Is this what is meant by covering the ball?) I'm waiting on the weather to work it live out on the range. Right now, I feel too upright or level in the shoulders causing me to hit solely with the arms and not so much hip rotation. My golf pals are calling me, "Mr. Arms" and I don't like it.

    25. This is the best tip I have seen. Using my right shoulder to pull, rather than trying to push my left shoulder into place is far more effective. Thanks for the advice.

    26. Fantastic. This is what I’ve been looking for. Thanks

    27. Akil Roebuck says:

      Perfect Lesson! Just what I needed.

    28. andy evans says:

      Excellent thought.. shoulder rather than back facingv target… great advice

    29. rockyromaro says:

      I tried this drill so many time i only have 1 question while i m making a right shoulder turn should i pay atttention at arms and hands position or not pls kindly let me know 🙂

    30. Dude your shoulders don’t turn. WTH. What you want is a body turn that can only happen using your legs.

    31. Dave says:

      My iPad does not allow me to reply to your reply so here is my reply in the non reply area.Thanks for the reply I’ll give those thoughts some consideration. I have already got my toes out so the hip loosening will. Be my focus. I am senior into 70’s but I see weak people getting good speed like Lorena back in her day at 125 lbs and some seniors here on you tube getting over 120 mph so apparently its attainable. I hit 100mph now and then but also hit 85 so need some consistency. Thanks again

    32. Dave says:

      I tried to look back like you suggested but could not but thanks for the neat tip

    33. Mike Jarrett says:

      Excellent advice, and it's really helped me despite suffering from arthritis ! Many thanks !!

    34. Like your vids but please stop GUARANTEEING stuff, you can not guarantee anything, you can expect improvements but not guarantee, it sounds lame.

    35. just sunny says:

      It wont get any easier than this. Anyway I learnt was to imagine I am pulling a rope straight back with the right hand

    36. TheNYgolfer says:

      I believe the easiest and most natural way to get absolutely the maximum shoulder turn ones body is capable of is by giving the club momentum on the takeaway and letting the inertia of the heavy club turn your shoulders. This will turn the shoulders further than you can turn them without the club. A "lagging clubhead takeaway" is a great way to accomplish this.

    37. bjswcs says:

      Simple and simply brilliant…thanks

    38. Khan Saab says:

      Awesome tip, thank you.

    39. Jan Taams says:

      Good tip! Especially "turning in posture to someone behind you"! Make sure that during the "push back" the right scapula (shoulder blade) does not move medially (towards the spine), " This throws the right shoulder off plane! Keep the pectorals engaged during the turn so that both shoulders remain in contact with an imaginary club across the chest. "Left shoulder towards right knee" is another thought to help make a full turn.

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