Golf Chipping & Pitching : Golf Pitching: 60 Degree Wedge

The sixty diploma wedge is a superb golf membership to have in your bag for attacking the pin. Study extra about utilizing the sixty diploma …


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    13 Replies to “Golf Chipping & Pitching : Golf Pitching: 60 Degree Wedge”

    1. My 60 deg gives me 70 yards. This experts gets 40 yards with a full swing? This guy is softer than tissue. Maybe the only golf-related question I'd ask him is which is funnier, Caddyshack or Happy Gilmore.

    2. Vanilla Ice says:

      Total hack swing. Who is this guy? The cart girl's dad?

    3. Is expert village the biggest trolling in history? Has there ever been an "expert" on this channel?

    4. I have a very fast swing but when I use a wedge I just slow my swing down and follow through and it gets up and goes right where i want it to go. This is obviously has no clue how to hit a wedge. I mean look at his feet they are way too close together.

    5. Michael G says:

      Dude, we're not interested in seeing how you hit a bunch of shitty shots.

    6. mgk says:

      This guy take the cake for having the worst swing ever seen in an instructional video

    7. i am pretty good and have fairly low scores when i get to pick the best of 3 of each of my shots…no really 🙂

    8. He swings like a f-ing lumberjack. What's with the itching and scratching? He sure knows how to fluff up a good lie.

    9. Owen Wagner says:

      every single shot goes right

    10. Got to hope this guy doesn't need income from his YouTubes to buy food….just the most useless, inept piece of instruction.

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