GOLF: Chipping Setup Basics – Part 1 Of 2 With Nolan


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    9 Replies to “GOLF: Chipping Setup Basics – Part 1 Of 2 With Nolan”

    1. Watched the video twice and started practicing and instantly saw a big difference. Great video

    2. Great video….who is Nolan?

    3. mR wRy says:

      I'm getting back into golf after a 20 year layoff and your videos and teaching style are excellent. I'm making gradual improvements thanks to you.

    4. Isara Indra says:

      Thanks so much for these videos. You are a great teacher. One of the best teaching series (if not the best on Youtube).

    5. Eric, Chipping is THE most important part of the game. I too have used the ball back shaft forward method. I finally came across your video and practiced your setup and all other parts of your lesson. OMG I played 9 holes last week and I took 8 strokes off my game. No more skulled shots or sending the ball to the furthest side of the green. Thanks a MILLION!!!

    6. OMG. It's on now. Thanks.

    7. Extremely well taught! I consider myself an excellent chipper. As Nolan, I use a 54 deg generally, a 50 and 46 for running long or uphill and a 58 for short or downhill and to get a ball up and stop. I noticed after you adjusted his setup he began to loosen his wrists and bend his right wrist back slightly on the backswing. Better motion through the ball then. Good stuff!

    8. ig rand says:

      Nice vid. What should you general range of bounce be for this?

    9. dj wednesday says:

      spot on bro!!!! I teach out here in Phoenix AZ check out my websight

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