Golf Chipping Tips on How to Hit a Bump and Run Golf Shot With 7 Iron

Golf Chipping Tips on How to Hit a Bump and Run Golf Shot With 7 Ion. Golf bump and run golf shots are also called chipping in golf. Bump and run technique is pretty easy but people want to complicate it. How to hit a bump and run is explained in this video. How to hit bump and run golf shot with chipping tips. Bump and run golf tips and drills explained. Golf chipping tips, and golf chipping and pitching tips are in this video. How to chip in golf is explained by sharing the golf chipping 101. Chipping tips around the green are explained by an easy BLT movement. Chipping tips for beginners is something that needs to practiced and is demonstrated by Coach Shayain

The Secret Golf Chipping Tips that YOU will NEVER Forget !!!



Knowing the Golf Fundamentals will 100% make you a better golfer. Download for your step by step guidance with pictures for easy of understanding. Print it and put it in your golf bag so you can have it on the course or driving range for reference.

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00:00 Intro
00:55 7 Iron Bump and Run
03:03 Chipping Front View
03:44 Closing

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    17 Replies to “Golf Chipping Tips on How to Hit a Bump and Run Golf Shot With 7 Iron”

    1. Did BLT help you in your Bump and Run? Have your tried it with your 7 or 5 iron? Your Hybrid, 3 wood or DRIVER?!?

    2. Gerald says:

      Thanks for the delicious BLT tips 😊

    3. Love your channel… it’s been really helping me! Thanks

    4. Bill Kulsrud says:

      My wife was taking a lesson and the instructor used the BLT method. I was intrigued and I got on the internet to find out more and found you. And you added a critical element: instead of BLT, you said BL-TIC-TOC. The tic toc element is critical. It provides you with TEMPO. I tried it and it gave me RHYTHM. Very simple but very effective. Thanks.

      Bill K

    5. Be careful with recording your audio peak levels as there is major clipping going on

    6. Dina Ashton says:

      Hi coach can you make a video how to our swing down impact position how it look like our hands?

    7. Mai Anh Doan says:

      Enjoyed your videos so much. I am a totally beginner only went out to the course once. I was told repeatedly to keep my wrists straight. How can I practice that?

    8. G B says:

      Love all of the videos. Precise and straight to the point. Very good at explaining things.

    9. Currently I'm browsing all tips for chipping as this is the worst part of my game at the moment. Thx for your tip/view. 🀘🏻😎🀘🏻

    10. BLT is easy to remember. I’m a newby, really trying to not develop bad habits. Love how you break everything down. So helpful!

    11. Yes it helped!!! Thank you

    12. Jon Casta says:

      Berry nice. Your vids are a nice break in the day. Two paws up for your enthusiasm. (:

    13. Mary Apple says:

      Like the acronym BLT.

    14. πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒBLT IS GREAT!

    15. I will be trying the 7 iron next. I’m still trying to figure out the P wedge

    16. CS Golf says:

      Did my comment inspire this video πŸ˜‚

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