Golf Chipping Tips – You Have Been Chipping Wrong Your Entire Life

Learn how your best golf is still ahead of you:

If you are struggling with your golf short game, you may be making some of these common mistakes in your golf swing. Fortunately, these golf chipping tips can give you much needed improvement in your golf game.

In this video, we give you some simple golf tips to help you get a better setup, improve your chipping motion and finish with 2 simple golf chipping drills to help you play your best golf!

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    16 Replies to “Golf Chipping Tips – You Have Been Chipping Wrong Your Entire Life”

    1. Eggs Mann says:

      If you're not going to " move your hands way in front of the golf ball " to hit a low running chip…Go Home !
      It's all about context.

    2. Are the tips and advice here the same (concept-wise ) as a video from 2018? It seems that the mini-circle was not part of that lesson. It looks as though you are bringing the club straight back. But anyway this is a much better /repeatable lesson – so I stick with this one. 🙂 Important to check the post dates…if they are correct and relevant. (PS "wrongly"- adverb. Hugs from Grammar Police)

    3. catman1050 says:

      You just unknowingly pointed out my problem, a problem I have had all my life and will continue to have. I CAN"T DANCE!

    4. Stand close to the ball, bottom of swing is your chest, soft grip, focus on landing spot, the more I practice the “luckier” I become. Watch the best in the LPGA they are easier to copy than the men, most use the same technique, very smooth -clip off turf.

    5. Buddha Tbay says:

      Hello, been looking for something to cure my chipping woes and I found yours. I have a couple of questions that I hope you can help with. (1) Hands or not hands. If yes to hands, how much hands? Initially I thought you were just rotating around your shoulders (which I've been trying to do), but farther into the video, I see you using way more hands. (2) I seem to getting "yips" when chipping and I frequently find myself stabbing at the ball and thus hitting behind the ball and chunking. Do you have any words of wisdom or swing thoughts that can help me stop this? Thanks for you video.

    6. Thank you for sharing. What clubs can be used for chipping?

    7. Bad advice despite Little Poison telling it like it is 50 years ago.

    8. tjhanlon says:

      Todd, you show the club pointing towards your belt in the follow through. This video below shows the follow through line being more perpendicular to the ground in the follow through. Is this different than your video or am I missing something?

    9. Robert Scott says:

      I used to think I knew how to chip, but just wasn't very good at it. Thanks to your videos I now really know how to chip and I'm getting better at it the more I practice your techniques.

    10. Eric Egeland says:

      Todd, thanks so much for what you do! How many yards away from the green does the chip shot become an approach shot. Or in otherwords, a chip shot happens between 60 and 5 yards out?

    11. 🐊🏌️‍♂️🚩🇺🇸🦅👍

    12. Dave Murray says:

      These keys are great for the style of chipping you are demonstrating. What do you think of the Steve Stricker or Jason Day style of "dead hands" chipping? For me, I'm more consistent with their approach.

    13. Do you like some wrist break. Or is that part of the feel or dance. Thanks.

    14. Ernie Kaydo says:

      Thanks for another great video. I like your KISS approach on all your videos and keeping them short and sweet. Much easier to absorb to concept.

    15. Chris Juhl says:

      Another great video. Could you please do some chipping videos on uphill and downhill situations…

    16. flyfish11 says:

      Curious- what netting do you use? Seems to work great. Thanks.

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