Golf Clash Putter Madness 9-Hole Cup Rookie Scouting Report

This is my video recorded with DU Recorder. It’s easy to record your screen and livestream. Download link:


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    4 Replies to “Golf Clash Putter Madness 9-Hole Cup Rookie Scouting Report”

    1. IrritaDad says:

      How much ya wanna bet this Arbiter putter will be more common, and they'll have balls to sell with a new extended ball-guide feature?

    2. Doug says:

      Great stuff as always! Stay cool up there! Don’t let the d-bags bother you. We all have to deal with them.

    3. How were so unfazed when on Hole 4 Road King hits perfect toward one fairway and the ball shoots right down the middle of a different fairway? That was not a hook. There was some sort of weird voodoo going on. I guess it’s practice so who cares but still. I get concerned anytime I see stuff like that in the game.

    4. I enjoy watching your streams, I like it

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