Golf Clash Wind / Yardage Accuracy Explanation

First in a 4 part series. In the beginning there was a wind chart. How does accuracy impact it?


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    6 Replies to “Golf Clash Wind / Yardage Accuracy Explanation”

    1. Punanie22 says:

      Thats not entirely true. The part about hitting a perfect shot. If you hit a perfect shot. It is going to land dead center of your center ring. Or exactly where you were aiming if there was not any wind. Outside of that. A great shot which is the next ring out. Will not automatically be 6 yards off on a 0 accuracy club. On a great shot it means that the ball will land anywhere from dead center to the outside of the second ring. Meaning you can hit a great shot and still end up making that eagle from 100 yards out. Its not going to be a high percentage of the time however it can happen.

    2. Gary Deebs says:

      Thanks dude but you gotta zoom on the screen more.

    3. rick miller says:

      When is the next part ?

    4. rick miller says:

      I like it brand knew to channel 😁

    5. JEREMY RYAN says:

      Why is there no explanation for how much to pull back the ball with each club???? Makes no fuckin sense!!!!!!

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