Golf Club Repair – How To cut a Golf Shaft

One of the most awarded / certified clubmakers shows you how to cut a steel and graphite golf shaft using a variety of tools on “Tools of the Trade”

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for a small list of saws here you go.
Chop Saw:
Fully encased saw:

tubing cutter:


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    38 Replies to “Golf Club Repair – How To cut a Golf Shaft”

    1. What glue do I use for repairing a graphite shaft to the head. PVA Acetate ?

    2. murd777 says:

      11:35 OMG. You damaged the shaft.

    3. Doug Page says:

      Thank You! – Doug in Iowa

    4. James Fraley says:

      What about a Dremel cut off wheel for graphite?

    5. Really enjoy all the videos. Thanks

    6. What a good two part epoxy I can buy at an auto parts store or Home Depot that’s quick and easy to clean up (for replacing a putter shaft/changing putter shafts) ???

    7. Looking good and HD. lol. Great video I need one of these

    8. Love the content! question? Did you make up your angle grinder holder housing? looks amazing

    9. How do you cut the shafts without putting the heads on each one and doing them one at a time. I know the sequence is one half inch so how do you do that. I know that sounds stupid.

    10. how do you get a straight cut on a tapered shaft? or is straight not necessary?

    11. Razor 72 says:

      Lighting looks great! Thanks for the information on club repair.

    12. Rich Fitz says:

      Get on with it!!!!!!!!

    13. Shawn Meade says:

      Tubing/pipe cutters work great.

    14. Zach Pitz says:

      This is the most long winded video everrrrr.

    15. Clay Evins says:

      For graphite I use a Dremel with fine abrasive cutting wheel. Cuts perfectly

    16. Dj Braman says:

      As a fellow tool nut, I love the classic craftsman “crown logo” tubing cutter! 50/60 years old and made better than 90% of the garbage put out today 👍🏻

    17. Jay C. Hales says:

      Not sure if this is in the comments. When I cut a Graphite shaft I wrap the shaft with a peice of tape

    18. Tom Foolery says:

      So im not supposed to use a hacksaw?


    19. Dustin says:

      A 14 minute video on how to cut a golf club down lmao come on man

    20. I just cut down a 46"driver to 45, it was not that hard, but i had to protect the end with extra tape.

    21. Hi, short question if you change/ remove a stell shaft from the head: Won't the ferrule melt when using the hot air pistol on the shaft? It is plastic in the end. If yes, how to prevent this from happening and messing up the shaft? Thanks a lot for help!

    22. I have a 1 iron that I never use and want to swap out the shaft with a broken 7 iron. Can I cut the shaft at the tip to save the grip, or do I have to cut at the butt?

    23. Drew Adcock says:

      Does cutting or extending your club’s change the shaft flex and/or club lie angle?

    24. I found some amazing plans for Stodoys. Just check them out.

    25. Could you just use a grinder for both steel and graphite?

    26. Maybe a weird question but what if I cut my irons without removing the grip? Would it matter much if they are open at the end?

    27. Is that an angle grinder just in a stand? Seems like you could make a jig. What type of blade are you using?

    28. Eddie Hughes says:

      Would rather you’d gone into if it’s ok to trim down, from butt and by how much

    29. Hi! Great video Jim! One question, I broke my 6 iron steel shaft on a normal swing. I used to have a 3 iron from the set but changed it for a 60 wedge, and i want to use the shaft from the 3 iron, cut it as the 6 and install it! So my question is, is this shaft different from the 6 iron, or the shafts are all the same and just different length?

    30. Max Cantrell says:

      I was wondering if you need such a large pipe cutting tool, could one use a smaller model and if so how small?

    31. Nathan l says:

      Thanks for the video !!

    32. George says:

      If it’s a struggle for you to prevent slicing the ball. I strongly recommend to shorten the driver shaft by 1 to 1.5 inches. I just figured this out

    33. Would the same method work for a driver shaft? My new one seem longer than my old one and no sure where to make the cut.

    34. First Name says:

      For the shaft cutter/tubing cutter, do you need a special blade for graphite shafts vs steel shafts?

    35. Joe Florence says:

      I am trying to find the trimming instructions for the Fujikura graphite shafts used in the SLDR irons. I am wanting to change my iron shafts to a lighter weight. I have been working on clubs for many years, but not to your level of expertise. I have just started watching you and enjoy everything. Left you a message the other day, when you mentioned Seattle, that I live in Allyn.

      Thank you

    36. JMT Golf says:

      I’ve also used an arrow saw to cut clubs

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