Golf Clubs & Tips : How to Clean a Golf Glove

In order to clean a golf glove, save the package that it comes with so that it stays moist, but also use the washing machine and keep it on a cold setting. Learn about using a towel and water to clean a golf glove with help from a Class A member of the PGA of America in this free video on cleaning golf gloves.

Expert: Kevin Battersby
Bio: Kevin Battersby’s affiliation with the PGA of America began in 1985, and he was elected as a Class A member in 1998.
Filmmaker: Paul Muller


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    14 Replies to “Golf Clubs & Tips : How to Clean a Golf Glove”

    1. That's bs, you can't just scrub off dirt it doesn't get out the sweat

    2. playpen says:

      how to clean your golf glove…or at least wing it as you go. "don't involve the electricity". lol

    3. ubb4me says:

      I store my glove in a ziploc bag with a couple of desiccant bags. I squeeze the air out and seal the bag. The bags absorb the moisture and my gloves stay soft and supple. 30 plus rounds this year and I finally got a hole in the heel.

    4. 42 says:

      ✍🏼..Shoe treats

    5. God tip, Kevin, I will try puting water on the glove and then drying it with a towel. Thanks.

    6. zoots15 says:

      Magic eraser. You're welcome.

    7. well my white glove is now grey… not sure I used a mild soap….

    8. ~ Introducing the only Premium Tour glove that also helps you align the correct grip every time you pick up the club .

    9. Kyle Keeland says:

      I wish good gloves were $9.00…

    10. Jason Bruce says:

      anon ymous I did that once and the glove came out all small and the finger were crinkeled and it had to buy another one

    11. anon ymous says:

      or just get it washed with the rest of your clothes

    12. thanks for this.. I'll try this !

    13. If you can afford to golf i would think you could afford a new glove for $9.

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