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Lower your scores by choosing the correct shot type. When selecting your shot type around the greens, there are many options to consider. However, many golfers make the mistake of using only one shot type regardless of the situation. To optimize your shot selection, consider the amount of green between your ball and the hole. If you have plenty of green between you and the hole, choose a lower lofted club as it will enable the ball to roll the majority of the way to the hole. If you have less green to work with, you should use a higher lofted club that will allow the ball to stop quickly after it lands. The issue with using a higher lofted club is your mishits will be more detrimental due to the faster swing speed. When a lower lofted club is used there is a lower margin of error due to the slower swing speed, leaving your mishits closer to the hole. Consistently choosing the correct shot type will lead to more confidence and lower scores.

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7 Replies to “Golf | Course Management | Choose The Correct Shot Type”

  1. Nolan Ryan says:

    Well the #1 rule for me is can it be putt? If answer is yes then putt. If it’s no then we pray for a bump and run. No lob shots too much blade risk

  2. I prefer the Speith method and use the same club for every shot around the green but this does work if you’re not confident using the same club.

  3. Chuck Lucas says:

    My dad told me to keep the ball low when chipping on a close shot he used a 6 iron a lot

  4. Flanker Jack says:

    Rule of 12 near the green

  5. EaStxVaNxiNc says:

    This is absolutely true just started usen the Lower lofted irons help me lower my score forsure just like you said even a miss hits gets there great video

  6. You sunk that last one!

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