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✅ 3-Time SW Florida PGA instructor of the yr winner!
✅ 27 yr Class A PGA Member
✅ David Leadbetter Golf Academy director for 13 years
✅ Performed company outings all around the world
✅ Quite a few appearances on Golf Channel
✅ Taught quite a few which have competed on PGA, LPGA, PGA Champions Tour, and Canadian Tour


Golf Downswing – How To Cease Speeding Your Downswing Drills:

5 Easy Golf Drills With Alignment Sticks:

How To Shift Weight In Golf Downswing For Strong Contact:

Chipping vs Pitching In Golf:

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    1. Wayne Young says:

      Amazing to watch and listen to your work
      I have gone from 1988 Brosnan Mustangs
      Too stealth and E722 amazing in performances

    2. Stuart says:

      Any relation of Louis Bazalgette?

    3. Pivot versus turn excellent explanation!

    4. MrStixOnfire says:

      As always super helpfull and easy to bring into my practice and rounds. Really like the supersoft wrists part..creates loads of stretch reflex in the trial hand(lag) without having to think or do it on purpose…this is exactly what i mean when i say we should be responding to the club…big fan of this channel…thank you

    5. Robert Dore says:

      I love the way he turns through the ball; his tempo is a thing of BEAUTY IMHO…

    6. mesillahills says:

      As a "better" player all my life, I always played with "better" players too. And as we struggled individually, we always told each other "you are too quick today". And quickness always comes when you have not recently played very much. I lived about 400 feet from the first tee of my private CC. And I ALWAYS walked over to the golf course to tee off very slowly. If I did hit a couple of wedges as I walked over I swung very slowly too using lots of late hit delay. Walking over there to the first tee I was just like Julius Boros was all the time. I arrived at the first tee with slowness pre-programmed into my brain before I got there. And I literally always hit a very good first tee shot right from the get go. In fact, I was so confident I liked to show off before others waiting to go next. BTW – We did not have much of a practice range.

    7. smalls240sx says:

      Like how this man teaches golf!

    8. John Hewlett says:

      Really helpful fundamentals articulated well.

    9. Grant Wall says:

      Jesus Christ is Lord and King and Our Savior!

    10. Shane Deel says:

      He has very minimum hip turn. My hips turn twice that much. I think I need more arms less hips.

    11. Ron Stanley says:

      absolutely great advice. it makes sense when you explain it…thank you

    12. brian wagner says:

      i hate golf lol what a mind F it is lol

    13. Cruusher says:

      the more I relax my arms and hands during a swing, the better I swing. It's really easy for me to over grip and tense up during a swing. unless I'm actually paying attention to that…It doesn't feel as if I'm doing it / I was surprised at the distance I was getting from an iron by staying relaxed- opposed to trying to blast the ball.

    14. Derren Brown says:

      With your golf bag drill it looked like you were thrusting. That’s not what’s suppose to be achieved correct?

    15. Mike Mayhew says:

      Hi Adam, do you have an instruction to stop dipping into the down swing?

    16. B P says:

      This is for me. LOL. I'm always trying to crush it. Thank you!!

    17. Lol Francisco Molinari😂 sad Edwardo noises

    18. Adam, a wonderful video. I have a question on something I struggle with. I don't know how to keep centered around my my core as you show here, and shift my weight to the front on the downswing. Any suggestions/videos I should look at? Thanks again!

    19. people rush the downswing because they don't complete the backswing…you don't need to feel anything except the club to stop moving prior to downswing

    20. The battle is in the mind….sums up golf completely. An insightful teacher

    21. This is very good tricks to stop rushing downswing. Very helpful

    22. Rick Gaulin says:

      Adam, what can I say, you are the BEST! Your instruction is always insightful and spot on. I've got the Lag Shot now and that has been able to help with not rushing the downswing. Best tip if you will from this video is "continue to store power on the downswing". I was always releasing the stored power way too early. Thanks again.

    23. Ole lama2x tambah pinter awowowkkk

    24. Very good video. It help me a lot. As a friend of mine says: God give me strength to play slowly.

    25. Ph E says:

      Found your channel a few days ago, enjoying every lesson, I saw since then. You are a great coach! The way you explain and describe is outstanding. Regards from Germany

    26. SCRATCHGOLFACADEMY IS A FAKE! DON'T GO THERE! You buy something and before you get it, you are asked to buy more and more. IF you don't you NEVER GET ANYTHING YOU PAID FOR!!!

    27. PT Phillips says:

      The problem I have with tempo is intentionally trying to slow down my swing, on the way down. It has to be overcome, but it’s difficult.

    28. 리키류 says:

      O.MG Best of best teacher!!

    29. Ken Takizawa says:

      Actually, Japanese subtitle is not correctly translated. It says “the way to rush to stop downswing.

    30. A slow motion clip of each described instruction would be extremely helpful

    31. This video is a real gem. Great swing breakdown and great drills to get the feel. Thanks.

    32. Yes. I have several of these agitators. Thanks for the video

    33. Wan Zainal says:

      Great tips .Thanks .

    34. joseph hays says:

      Yet another great video. Thank you for the amazing content.

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