Golf Etiquette You Need To Know // How to Play Like a Pro

Whether or not you are model new to golf or are an skilled participant, all of the on track etiquette might be actually complicated! How do you rake a bunker? Who hits first? How do you repair a divot or ball mark? Are you able to pay attention to music? So many issues to know!

Hopefully the following tips assist to make getting out on the course a little extra snug. I do know it may be actually intimidating, particularly while you’re first beginning out!

When you have particular questions on issues I did not handle, let me know within the feedback!

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    23 Replies to “Golf Etiquette You Need To Know // How to Play Like a Pro”

    1. I just subscribed Paige…really made me laugh and even had to show the part about the Dress Code. Have a great one.

    2. Wade Patton says:

      I was recently appalled by the lack of ball mark repairs and unraked bunkers on my nearest course. I don't know what has happened in the last 30 years, but this was a not a big problem back then (I've had a few decades off). Folks had respect for the course and their fellow golfers. Please use as much etiquette as you can possible stand, it's the tradition and tradition is important in golf for the benefit of all players.

    3. Gary Jones says:

      You are the HOTTEST thing on Earth!!!

    4. Gary Jones says:

      I really slack on etiquette because all I see right now is your rockin' hot body!!!!!

    5. Tim Dearmin says:

      Totally disagree with giving 3 foot putts etc. Play the game by the rules tee to green without delay. Yes! But you'll never improve as a player taking gimmies all day or free drops or mullies just so you can hurry up & go no where!

    6. สวยงามมากๆๆนะคะคนสวยน่ารักที่สุดนะจ๊ะ คิดถึงคุณนะครับ รักคุณนะครับ

    7. Michael Saiz says:

      I like to play ready golf just to help speed up play. Usually I ask if we are playing the honor system just to get everyone on the same page.

    8. Fabian Sosa says:

      Pace of play gets me.I am bald and I'm sure I've regrown a full head of hair by the time some people have had their shot!

    9. สวยงามจริงๆๆนะครับคนน่ารักผมคิดถึงมากๆๆนะค่ะ สู้ๆๆนะครับขอส่งกำลังใจให้เสมอคิดถึงคุณครับ….รักคุณนะค่ะ

    10. อรุณสวัสดิ์ครับคนสวยเก่งสุดๆๆไปเลยครับยอดเยี่ยมที่สุดครับ คิดถึงมากๆๆครับ

    11. Colin Hutt says:

      Hi Paige, love your videos and some great advice about etiquette.
      How about doing a video on some of the slightly more weird rules like playing a provisional ball, drop shots, preferred lies etc. as a relatively new player I find I am nervous in playing in club competitions as not sure if I am following proper code? Thanks Colin

    12. david mungia says:

      Excellent segment 👏 👍 👌 🙌. Great pointers, especially on the green. But talk about distraction 🙄…playing with Paige, I don't know 😕 if I could concentrate 🤔 😆 🤣….I think I can.

    13. Peggy Rogers says:

      Great video, Paige. You make videos every level of player can understand and appreciate. Thanks, Paige.

    14. Michael Saiz says:

      Rules of golf it’s like your part of royalty you have to be so dignified. Manners on the golf course

    15. I love the video. The only one you missed that my dad taught me, was make sure your shadow does not interfere with someone’s putt. Overall, you hit the big ones.

    16. I still like to pull the pin for my putts. I have a little older buddy who can’t see the hole 🕳️ if I pull the pin when he is 10 to 15 feet out. I leave it in for him. Be respectful of people with vision issues. With vision issues, he’s near a scratch golfer. ⛳

    17. “Ready Golf” Works most of the time, but I always give honors to somebody who gets a birdie. Thoughts?

    18. Are you going to tape me?

    19. PAUL GOLF says:


    20. G says:

      I love her shoes they are so Fifty's.☝️❤️👀

    21. L W says:

      My life long dream is to play a round with Paige 🙂

    22. Todd says:

      Great video Paige, lots of good info. My pet peeve, pace of play, thanks for addressing the issue. Slow pace of play can ruin a round.

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