Golf Exercise: Glute Stretch #golfexercise #golffitness

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Learn how to do 2 stretches for the muscles in the buttocks that will help your golf game. These stretches will work on the gluteal muscles and the piriformis muscle.

GOLFFOREVER is the digital #golffitness exercise and pain relief program that was designed by professional golfers like 12 time PGA Tour winner Justin Leonard.

“This program is simple, safe, and it just plain works”.

Our method is simple: We help you build a strong, pain-free back and body that can withstand the repetitive motions of golf so you can develop a powerful, healthy swing and get the most out of your golf game.

We provide easy-to-follow videos with simple, safe routines and workouts you can stream on any device, anywhere, anytime. You’ll get stronger, gain distance and start playing what we call, Feel GREAT Golf.

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    1. MikeyK says:

      Great! Watched many diff instructions on youtube..these two hit Perfectly!!!

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