Golf Fairway Woods Comparison | Titleist TSR vs Cobra LTDx

This golf fairway woods comparability breaks down the variations between the brand new Titleist TSR fairway woods, together with the Titleist TSR2 fairway wooden and Titleist TSR3 fairway wooden, and the Cobra LTDx Max fairway wooden and Cobra LTDxLS fairway wooden.

On this video, 2nd Swing’s Drew Mahowald, Thomas Campbell, and Danny Ferrell conduct a head-to-head check to determine the similarities and variations between the Titleist TSR fairway woods and Cobra LTDx fairway woods.

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    11 Replies to “Golf Fairway Woods Comparison | Titleist TSR vs Cobra LTDx”

    1. Ross Lillebo says:

      Smash factor/efficiency seems to be a common thread amongst the channels when it comes to the TSR.

    2. What “spin rate” should the average amateur be trying to hit with a 3 wood? Around 3k? Bc my driver spin with a tsi2 is around 2150 on average. (I’m on the lower side of spin)

      I swing a driver about 103-105 range (depending on how my body works each day)

      But curious is 3k pretty standard of what we are looking for?

    3. 77bovi says:

      Way to go guys! Thanks for answering our requests. Nothing wrong being a fan boy but Danny pushes TSR too much too often.

      Ever considered measuring the exact loft on the heads? Are the club lengths the same?

      5w test would be good to add, i think most golfers dont game a 3w for the fairway.

    4. Darren Prest says:

      Enough of Danny already.

    5. D Loc says:

      Love the reviews but shouldn’t they use the same shaft?

    6. I've got TSr in both the 13.5 and 18.0 and love them. For me, Titleist fairway woods are like Vokey wedges. As long as you're fit correctly, you can't go wrong.

    7. Jack Woods says:

      Please add the rogue st to this test

    8. Noober says:

      Are these all with different shafts?

    9. Another great comparison review guys & explanation of why each head differs.
      Again, there is not much of a difference between the Cobra or Titileist heads.
      More interesting is to know, what is Thomas going to game??? 🧐🤔

    10. Andy Hillery says:

      Thanks for this great review guys! I’m considering both the LTDx LS and the TSR3 fairways for my next fairway woods. The needle is leaning towards the TSR3. Still need to demo both before the final decision.

    11. Ma_Kachada says:

      Any reason why you chose the xmax instead of just the X? I noticed a lot of tests all leave the X off tests or choose max instead.

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