Golf Fitness Five in 5 – Women's Power Exercises

Here’s Five exercises aimed for female golfers to help improve Club Head Speed. Power/explosive exercises can often be forgotten about/ neglected, with focus on corestabfility, flexibility, Yoga and Pilates type exercises. 2 sets of 10 reps for each exercise is a good general starting point.


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    1. Great video and the exercises can work for men as well, especially those recovering from multiple back surgeries.
      One quick note on the reverse club drill… make sure you tell people they want to hear the loudest "whoosh" at the bottom of the swing to ensure their timing is correct and they're reaching max speed in the impact zone. Don't mean to be a critic but I graduated from Golf Academy of America, school for becoming a PGA Teaching Pro, before I blew out my back.
      Keep up the quality videos!

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