Golf | Full Swing | Fix Your Hook

Listed here are two corrections that may repair your hook. Hooking the ball happens when the membership face is closed at affect coupled together with your path transferring inside to out. First let’s tackle the grip. For golfers who hook the ball, their grip is often too robust. A powerful grip means your left hand is extra on prime of the membership and your proper and is extra beneath the membership. Ideally you need a grip that’s impartial. A powerful grip will trigger your clubface to be closed at affect as a result of it facilitates the over rotation of the membership face by way of affect. Second, to appropriate a hook, you need your path to be extra impartial or barely outdoors to in. To make sure your patch is extra impartial, you need to really feel like your path shoulder is extra on prime of the ball by way of affect. Golfers who hook the ball have a tendency to permit their trial shoulder to be too far behind the ball by way of affect. For those who can accomplish these tow strikes, your hooks will disappear.

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