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    21 Replies to “Golf Hole in One Compilation”

    1. Kooka Man says:

      Mario Golf announcer: Wow! Hole in one!

    2. Cassandra F says:

      That first one “King of the Swingers” indeed

    3. chango says:

      these pops are bigger then wwe😂😂😂

    4. VP Test says:

      That's so good to the eyes!! If you want to become a pro player just try using Golf Kinetics, it worked for me!

    5. ギャラリーも大喜び 私も

    6. You know the Wii Sports property. If your ball hits the flag, it's a free hole in one.

    7. what happens if a ball moves another ball and chips in

    8. JTC 22 says:

      Space Jam: It is Alive!

    9. True story. A lady golfer got a hole in one during a Club Classic. Someone noticed there was no Prize 🏆 for a hole in one & brought this to the Clubs attention. So they decided to give the lady a prize for her great achievement. During the prize presentation the captain of the Club congratulated the lady & had some kind words for her. Well done you must of hit that ball very said the captain. The lady replied. I did but my FIRST shot was terrible.

    10. Adam says:

      I love golf, beautiful sport

    11. Tuhi Tuhi says:

      2 in 1 day miracle

    12. Tuhi Tuhi says:

      Wish i had this feeling once in my life. I suck at everything!

    13. Tuhi Tuhi says:

      Now that is amazing!

    14. vinilzord says:

      1:08 gives me the Pangya vibes. I miss this game so much 😅

    15. Absolutely waaorld claus!!!!!

    16. At 8:52, skims across the water, lands, and then back tracks right in the hole! Amazing! Who did that? I can't tell.

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