Golf – How to Build Confidence For Losers!

Play from different tees to practice more shots and shoot lower scores.

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7 Replies to “Golf – How to Build Confidence For Losers!”

  1. Everyone please check out my first swing vid and let me know what you think. I've been working hard

  2. Love the new belt Gabe, looks edgy!

  3. MrJdk720 says:

    you are only as good as you think you are

  4. Coy Miller says:

    crazy how confidence is such a big factor

  5. I like the new logo. Looks sick!!!!

  6. robo931 says:

    The teleport was hilarious. Great stuff as always Gabe! Best I've ever shot was 1 over. Need to remedy that this season!

  7. So what's the lowest you've shot? I've played without woods and there's a couple course that I play that are short. Par 3 courses are my confidence builder. Thanks for posting.

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