GOLF: How to Square the Club Face on a Driver (DO THIS!)

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This video is about How to Square the Club Face on a Driver For Golf. For more golf tips and drills please make sure to check out For more golf lessons and instructions please click the “Show More” button below.




✅ 3-Time SW Florida PGA teacher of the year winner!
✅ 27 year Class A PGA Member
✅ David Leadbetter Golf Academy director for 13 years
✅ Conducted corporate outings all over the world
✅ Numerous appearances on Golf Channel
✅ Taught numerous that have competed on PGA, LPGA, PGA Champions Tour, and Canadian Tour



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    35 Replies to “GOLF: How to Square the Club Face on a Driver (DO THIS!)”

    1. Ron_Google says:

      Best tip ever is the experiment more. Finally I have found I need to vary the "tip" or advice in anyt improvements I am trying to make – that is to vary it to find MY swing FEEL. Finding the "feel" is the holy grail to improvement. e.g. my experimenting distance to the ball has been a GIANT revelation to hitting it pure. I take practice swings with irons to clip the grass just past the ball – I can find this feel and do it by varying my distance to the ball and related posture also. So, when I find my feel, to hit the ground (divot) just past the ball in practice swings – then and ONLY then, am I set up correctly to hit it. Amazing results. Now looking for the driver feels! Thank you.

    2. Stu Marston says:

      Me and Sam Snead have very different swings.

    3. Kjeld H says:

      His drives in between. Love it.

    4. z ahmed says:

      You did not actually explain how to square the club face at all!

    5. Betsy Joseph says:

      This was just one loooong ad,,,,ugh!

    6. "You can't just swing and hope you don't hit it over there." That's literally my entire golf game.

    7. Jeff Kennedy says:

      He didn't even talk about how to square the club face. What the hell?

    8. v&v walker says:

      I have been hooking the ball and have been looking for some direction on why I can't get the ball to draw consistently. This video was so helpful 👍

    9. Foxdurocher says:

      I have been golfing for only 4 years thanks to my father in-law and I'm 48 years old, watching these scratch golf videos have helped me to figure out my swing and the mechanics of it. So far i have figured out my irons and hybrids but i am still trying to get the driver under control and that's why I'm watching today because i figured out after 4 years it is my open face on the driver and nothing else. I watch your videos and then practice in my yard with hit away balls i buy on eBay. I went from 105 110 scores to 90s and now starting to see some mid 80s. So thankyou for your classes and your knowledge.

    10. Wes Conard says:

      this helped me alot

    11. Danny poleto says:

      That was great. Thank you sir

    12. How do we avoid thumb injury ?

    13. hola!!! la verdad excelente video me encanto deseo el siguiente grabación me despido les envio besitos gracias

    14. mike says:

      7:548:30, The “feeling” of fall down and then body turn squaring clubface… that’s part of my pre-shot routine and it’s the best thing I’ve found in years to help maintain good feel while on course. I mean I know legs lead and hips will beat arms thru impact but the fall and turn “feel” IS my golf swing.

    15. W R Butler says:

      At the beginning of the video you suggest a 'strong' grip. There seems to be a lot of debate whether this is OK or not. You think a 'strong' grip is OK, right? Love your videos, I really appreciate your instruction.

    16. Interesting video. I usually think about the swing with the club head on the ground, sometimes I wait and think for a minute. And then – a bad shot. For me this is history now. Just swing!

    17. Thank you very much, Adam!

    18. John Crazy says:

      Mc just hit 15 shots in 2 holes LOL

    19. Kristin W. says:

      Great tutorial video – thanks for sharing this amazing tips!

    20. Hi Adam: I am a premium subscriber and have zero regrets! One question, I have a winter home in Bonita Springs, does your academy offer in person lessons?

    21. Adam, love your videos that have really helped me! Quick question: when developing lag at the top of the backswing with narrowing of the shaft as you demonstrated with Rory, is it just a passive feel or are you actively trying to do this?

    22. MJ Johny says:

      Is that just me or all of you , every time I click golf clip on youtube, this awful ad: an old American man saying "a 95 years old golfer blah..blah.. " honestly im so sick of that ad, almost made me skip Adam's great video…

    23. SkyHound says:

      I love your videos and have improved a lot. Thank you!!!

      One small suggestion… Turn down your microphone just a bit. Your audio is a bit loud and sounds scratchy.

    24. GSU 1972 says:

      Enjoy your content. You present a pragmatic approach and keep from getting too technical. Would like to ask if you could do a lesson for the tall golfer. I have problems staying on plane with lots of contact inconsistencies and unable to stay down during impact. Help!

    25. jcgolf says:

      The problem with attaining 'subconscious skill' and playing around a little bit is most people don't have much skill to work with and whatever it is they may play around a little bit with is simply wrong. Spending hours practising the wrong technique is all wasted time, and the majority of people don't know what or how to practise so all they're doing is ingraining bad habit and likely going home frustrated with their golf swing because once they're on the course nothings changed: been there, done that many times myself. I felt the real lesson of this video started shortly after the 8 minute time mark and what was provided was glossed over. Well, like I said, this is one video. I'm sure you've covered the specific technique(s) many times over many videos over many years. And by reading comments on here it helped a few out. Small steps I guess, we eventually hit the green~

    26. markfx12 says:

      Why is Florida a driver and a driver off the deck from California?

    27. Flat Out says:

      Great help, thank you.

    28. Adam; excellent as always

    29. Hoppy says:

      cheers adam, good stuff

    30. Sean Giguere says:

      Struggling with a spin issue with my driver Callaway Rogue currently. I hit my 3 wood better an further cause I get a little draw with that club. I have a little mental block going on the teebox right now. Swings over the top with it might have to go spend some time at the range today 🙂

    31. Mantle1377 says:

      Weird mike Hebron is the pro down at my local course.

    32. Bizzaro500 says:

      This video came at the perfect time! I'm currently struggling with a major hook. It appeared 2 weeks ago and I can't get enough videos on how to correct! Thanks again for another great video.

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