Golf Instruction – The Mechanics For The Full Swing

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    42 Replies to “Golf Instruction – The Mechanics For The Full Swing”

    1. CLSS says:

      Nice to see a JVGA student vid. Any recent videos?

    2. JnV C says:

      Almost had my first hole in one today using this method, tap in Eagle.
      Thank you so much for this, it's incredible.

    3. Eugene Roos says:

      I watched and downiaded this video recently and put it in practice yesterday. I hit 5 balls from my piece of artificial turf into the field alongside my home. I havent hit a ball in almost 3 years prior to this. In over 20 years of golf I have never struck the ball so sweetly and hit the ball so far. It was unbelievable. What a feeling. I am starting to play again next week. Thank you.

    4. Tony Trantas says:

      What is the set up with a driver

    5. Manatee 7 says:

      How do u pivot into your left on an uphill lie?

    6. Steve Howe says:

      I just think about Braveheart when Im over my ball……..Hoooooooold!!!

    7. Jim, important to tell the folks that you are gripping the club AFTER you take your pivoting position-but is your club face pointing at the target then?

    8. James Hardy says:

      this is probabbly the best golf video on the internet. I lost my iron draw, probably because they make the driver and 3 wood with draw bias, so you can basically swing them over the top to hit a draw. But this is something i use to do when i learned to hit draws my second year playing. looks like i need to go back to this, thanks for reminding me, its a video everyone needs to watch.

    9. Matt K says:

      I can’t wait to try this, but what do you do on a dog leg right?

    10. Greg Sorber says:

      simple and effective. I wish I found Jim's channel years ago.

    11. Golf Duff says:

      What a shot that is! Pure beauty!

    12. Watched this during quarantine. No club, just imagining it. Then went to the range. 3 days into it. Feels like I've been given Col. Sanders secret recipe and the Coca-Cola formula for free!

    13. Troy Thomas says:

      I’m in awe. Just hit the range testing these new mechanics for the first time. My consistency went up almost 20% and I added about 15 yards to my clubs. The best part is it took away all of the hesitation and sometimes pain I have associated with my bad knees. Simply incredible, and so easy to adopt.

    14. I am going to try this at the driving range asap! No way it's this easy…

    15. Alex Zahrai says:

      Holy crap just tried this at the range and it made a huge difference to my swing. Only tested it out using my 7i and 9i (was quite a bit harder to hit consistently with the 7i – I was chunking or hitting the ball skinny) but overall really cool technique with interesting results. Will keep trying this. Thanks, Jim!

    16. Dave Witcher says:

      Wow that's by far the best advice

    17. Mj Sport says:

      This is by far the best golf instruction on YouTube! It defies allot of things we've been taught! It works that's all I can say!!

    18. Known Jim a long time, talented, creative, innovative, intelligent and the ability to connect with each person is just like the tip of the iceberg, the mass below the water is even more awesome and informative, I am not a golfer but a 60 year long martial arts practioneer and instructor… he pulls it together, try it…..

    19. John Beard says:

      Jim, it looks like I'd be hitting a big push. Am I wrong?

    20. Just Me says:

      Very flippy hands. If you don’t flip you’ll push the ball. Flippy hands cause short shots. The pain on the knees must be bad.

    21. Just Me says:

      This swing has no power and causes a very flippy swings with the hands. As well as puts torque on the hip and knee by keeping it still. Like to know other then car salesman what credentials this guy has to sell his swing.

    22. DunnGolfing says:

      Day 9 I'm learning and developments are good 🥳

    23. Hi Jim Found you about a week ago ,. Won on Sunday have a handicap of 22 it's early days but you can feel a lot more power but i just hit soft ,manly using the driver and 3 wood.goin down the Middle for once,…… thanking you!

    24. george stone says:

      Is your left knee slightly bent in the set up?

    25. Vinsk says:

      Ok. I admit I took this to the range and it did feel pretty nice. Hit a lot of nice draws. My only disappointment is not being able to arrive at impact with the proper form regarding the wrists. Everyone knows it's best, for ideal compression, to arrive at the ball with a dorsiflexed trail wrist and a flat or slightly bowed lead wrist. Even in your swing in this video you're flipping through impact. Your trail wrist is cupped instead of dorsiflexed. What are your thoughts on this Jim?

    26. Vinsk says:

      Just gave this a try. Certainly hit some nice shots. Of course I’m a shanking wizard and managed hit some doing this swing. I know seeing a video is a must but can you tell me if there’s a main reason one can shank doing this swing? I’m left handed btw.

    27. Jake Haas says:

      How many tour players do you work with?

    28. Sam Rickman says:

      I read the golf swing strategies “mowosam press” (Google it) soon after I acquired it and the following day I was at the golf field trying out the driving strategies for longer range. I was quickly taking correct divots with my irons, appropriately after solid impact. I was striking about ten to fifteen yards farther with my irons than I was used to. Check it out yourself!..

    29. Hi Jim can I call you about golf Danny

    30. DJL240 says:

      Ok, somehow I stumbled upon this and honestly thought it looked ridiculous. Been struggling with consistency for a long time now and I am a classic 'over the topper' who typically shoots in the low 80's. I played this swing style for a whole round and I have never struck my irons better in my life. I really felt like I couldn't miss. Impact with the ball was a sound I have never heard in 24 years of golf. The driver was a little off, but that certainly will take a bit more practice. I think the pricipal of the left side dominance is helpful to me since I am a lefty playing golf right handed. Best part about this is it feels so effortless! I am exciting about golf for the first time in years!

    31. Jim I'm a member of the JVGA. I noticed your right elbow always seems to drop "in the slot" (you're a pro that's been playing all your life, I get that) but yesterday while playing I experienced the same thing, I felt a sensation of power, after the left swinging arm "snaps" away from the trail right arm. I could also tell that my right elbow brushed against my right rib slightly on the downswing. Further proof was my divots going dead straight to target, or even pointing to 12:30.

      The problem is, I went out today and could not feel my elbow getting into the slot like yesterday. I felt lost, as if I had to guide the club to the ball. Can you please tell me your swing thought regarding the right elbow in the downswing?

    32. Hew far do u hit your 7 k

    33. This video shows that it's OK for the arms to come across the body. Some teachers give a student a basketball and they must hold the basketball as they move back and through the ball, forcing the hands and arms to stay in front of the chest throughout the swing.

    34. This is legit. I watched his instruction videos this morning, and I just left the range, and I hit the 300 yard fence for the very first time. This is legit, my golf game is changed forever, thank you!

    35. Amarjot Bedi says:

      It's really easy for everyone to dismiss Jim's methodology.

      Here's what I have been through.

      I play to around 10-12.

      Whenever I play a tournament I play to 18+

      I struggle with at least 1 triple and a couple of double bogeys every round.

      In my mind I am way better than I play but lack consistency.

      Am good at chipping and have really improved my putting using an unconventional method of my own.

      What I figured was my long distance wood/iron play completely lacked consistency. And as the round came to close I would get worse.

      Also I would every now and then hit weak fades with my woods, lack consistency with my hybrids. Could never hit a 3,4,5 irons. But was not bad with my 8,9,pw.

      Lastly I would have many swing thoughts which by the time came to hitting the ball I would lose steam.

      Out of desperation to get rid of my over the top swing I came across Jim's YouTube video.

      I tried it at the practice range gave me almost the same distance as my normal swing but with a little more consistency on the first day itself.

      I took it to the course.

      I found the same distance with a huge jump in consistency and ball striking. My fault was I still would fall back to my old method for a few shots. Over the years have come to realise that no matter who the coach is some of the things will work for you and some will not. I still use my old method for driving but from a 3 wood to a pitching wedge I find Jims method great and a lot less strenuous on my hip and back.

      Over a month am very impressed with the distances. It's increased by an iron. More than the distance I find from a habitual slicer have been able to hit the ball straight. I get approximately 160 yards carry with my 7.
      Although still cant draw the ball naturally.

      I've never hit my 3 wood so consistently as do now. I do not use his methods for chipping or for putting.

      What I am trying to say is whoever you maybe and if you been struggling this is worth a shot.

      The golf swing is very complicated for most of us. The weight shift, the timing , the tempo, the positions etc. If this method works for you you'll end of thanking Jim, if it doesn't you can always go back to your normal Swing.

      I am going to work on Jim's swing till I know what's a keeper and what's not. Also gonna have more time in my hand middle of this month and am gonna enroll on his website. As of now am just surprising a lot of my friends with my shot making in India.

    36. Last August of 2017 was when I decided to come out of 3 years of not playing golf due to it's infuriating nature – especially for a pretty decent athlete – and tried Conventional swings, S&T, and many variations of the tips and "fixes" out there.

      After getting myself so screwed up and changing the swing or "finding it" seemingly every day, it wasn't until seeing Mr Jim Venetos' videos that things started to click in my minds eye. The idea of not breaching the plane with the back shoulder, and stillness factor are so very critical. The "preset position" will vary for all players depending on flexibility and anatomical make-up. I was able to pick it up in about two hours of practice and the difference was enormous.

      Keeping the sensation of leaving the lead shoulder closed to the target as long as possible in the downswing (encourages stillness and not breaching) is one of the main swing thoughts I keep in order to remain consistent. Power will be less at first, but when you figure out the sequence of your body it will drastically increase.

      ex. 56 deg wedge started at 65-70 yd, now at 100-110yd after 2 weeks of work.

      As some others have posted, it can be a great drill to groove the inside path, but for me, it became a part of my swing with a traditional set-up. By training oneself to get/shift into Jim's playing position in the back swing then holding that movement throughout completion of the swing is what will ultimately give you the "traditional swing" you're looking for. This information is sound, it completely changed my confidence level standing over the ball, and consistency throughout the round.

      All it takes is a couple of small adjustments when things start to slip due to the swings simplicity. The way he teaches it is beautifully delivered, and tremendously helpful.

      Thanks Jim!

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