Golf Iron Categories Comparison | Which Iron Category Is Right For You

With so many golf irons to choose from nowadays, it’s important to know which golf iron category is right for you. In this golf iron categories comparison, 2nd Swing master fitters Jackie Johnson and Thomas Campbell compare four TaylorMade Golf irons, all from different categories: the TaylorMade SIM2 Max irons, TaylorMade P790 irons, TaylorMade P770 irons, and TaylorMade P7MB irons.

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    13 Replies to “Golf Iron Categories Comparison | Which Iron Category Is Right For You”

    1. Rafa Bonati says:

      As a new golfer and senior (but athletic), my swing speed with driver is around 77-82 mph. I have a starter set of clubs with senior flex graphite shafts, but upgraded to an M2 driver with a 56 gram regular shaft. My handicap (scoring factor) is currently at 22.3, and I am consistently shooting in the 90s. So this video is perfect for me. I needed to see someone with my swing speed test clubs. Thanks!

    2. Ray Farrell says:

      What shaft was used?

    3. Excellent video. It was great to see Jackie hit the clubs, as her swing speed is probably closer to that of the majority of older men, who are buying the game improvement clubs. It was interesting to note that the slower swing speed doen't only impact distance, but it also results in a much flatter trajectory, leading to less steep landing angles. Combing that factor with the reduced spin that the slower club head speed also generates, leads to longer roll out on the greens.

    4. Great video! Looking at your test i'm really happy i ordered P790 instead of the P770. I need the forgiveness but also need that distance 🙂 Thanks!

    5. I’m currently a 4…. one thing I’ve learned is game the most forgiving iron you can stay to look at! 😂😂😂

    6. Eric Scifres says:

      I was a poor ball striker but I have high swing speed. When I bought a game improvement iron my game got worse. I couldn't control my distance and all the irons went too far. My PW went 160 yards leaving me only my wedges inside of 160.

      I called BS on the game improvement irons and went to the complete opposite with blades. All of a sudden I had options inside of 160 and I found they were MORE consistent than the game improvement irons even on mishits. These game improvement irons absolutely get the ball higher, but they're NOT more forgiving on mishits. If you have high swing speed, don't buy game improvement irons. Instead get irons that flight a bit lower and have higher lofts so you're not hitting PW too far.

    7. Buzz Bladz says:

      Great to see Jackie back on the channel. Very informative video. I'm a high handicapper so great to see this relevant content.

    8. JZM says:

      Thank you for sharing!

    9. Home4Ya says:

      Did she have 16 yards roll w 790? Low launching bullet balls may not mean close to pins? Here in AZ I cant see that low spin working? I can get a bit chunky with wide soles and love look 790 but the low spin is scary, hmmm…

    10. Mj says:

      How bad where the miss hits for the sim max 2

    11. Mat Scott says:

      What type of irons would you recommend for someone who has a high swing speed but doesn't hit the center of the club face consistently?

    12. Title should have been “what Taylor Made iron is right for you”

    13. donsmnc says:

      Good test, good job Jackie, you didn't talk about the fact that the blades and blade-like (less offset) clubs were all favoring a push, fade, or slice tendency, accuracy is by far the most important aspect of irons period. Distance without accuracy is worthless.

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