Golf Iron Fitting | Switching From Game-Improvement Irons To Players Irons

In any golf iron fitting, it’s important for the fitter to nail in the correct iron category for the players. Then, the golf iron fitting can progress and a single model can be identified that is best for his or her swing.

In this video, 2nd Swing video and content specialist Michael Bohnenstingl goes through a Tour Van iron fitting. As a 7.1 handicap, Michael is a candidate to transition from a game-improvement iron (his TaylorMade M4 irons) to a players irons that offer better feel and more workability.

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    21 Replies to “Golf Iron Fitting | Switching From Game-Improvement Irons To Players Irons”

    1. 4591babolat says:

      When I first did a fitting I wasted a lot of money and screwed myself up trying to produce the same speeds my game improvement clubs that were inconsistent could make. So I swung harder than normal. Had titleist CB 716 project x LZ6.5 because I hit that “best” swinging out of control. I don’t think they emphasize that enough. I almost feel like fittings without distance. Just putting up stopping data and dynamic and spin loft data to measure kick point would help people get fit without ego. At least it would’ve helped me save a fitting and set of clubs haha

    2. awsedr122 says:

      Question, why not stick with the original shaft and change the head?

    3. Willi says:

      The good process of fitting by selecting the shaft then the head. I did not get the same process at ClubChampion and after paying $2.5k for a set of irons which I couldn’t play …😂

    4. Luke McGowan says:

      Why didn't he try the P7MC? Isn't that more comparable to the T100 than than the P770?

    5. Derek N says:

      I started opening up my stance a little like I’m playing a baby cut and helped with pulling left

    6. Derek N says:

      Rogue x with xp95 shafts for me.
      Beat out 425s, st max, p790, pxg xf, Titleist 300s, stealths,

    7. S C says:

      This is I been waiting for ! Transition from high hdcp to lower or Low to high !

    8. Interesting, the Pings were the only ones that consistently gave him his preferred draw shape as opposed to pulls and pull draws, but he still picked the Titleist. Shows how the look of the club will trump everything else.

    9. Stu Marston says:

      00:40 And he hasn't cleaned them once during that time.

    10. Interesting you say spin is lower outside 🤔 every other fitter says you get more spin outside than off a mat

    11. Dan Falcon says:

      It appears as though you only tested him in two shafts?

    12. Crypto1X says:

      Dannys face scares me a bit

    13. Alex Estes says:

      swing softer an club up!

    14. Solarbear88 says:

      Amusing that you guys always start with the most expensive shafts available. Never seen you fit someone into something they might be able to afford.

    15. I’m left handed and I’ve been looking to get out of the game improvement TaylorMade Sim 2 irons. Really interested in trying a variety of different brands and when I find the head that feels best, then pair it with the right shaft. I’m looking more for tightest dispersion/ consistent workability rather than distance. Do you guys carry all the brands in lefty that you have in righty? Golf tech had very limited lefty clubs to test

    16. caintiger says:

      Is Danny nervous or is he always like that on camera.

    17. PVC3 says:

      I love watching videos on fittings. Hopefully I’ll have a better understanding for when I go. Great video. Thank you.

    18. 2:07 “let’s start dancing here”. 😂

    19. Scenturian says:

      The guy who is hosting this fitting gives off serious Guy Fieri’s son vibes

    20. Tohm Sono says:

      old fart talks too much

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