Golf Irons Comparison | Favorite Blade Irons of 2021

This golf irons comparability covers a number of of the perfect blade iron fashions accessible in 2021, significantly the fashions which have carried out greatest in fittings at 2nd Swing Golf. All of these golf irons are cast with a extra compact clubhead form to supply workability and very delicate really feel, however little forgiveness.

0:00 Intro
2:15 Mizuno MP-20 Testing
3:25 PING Blueprint Testing
4:30 Callaway Apex MB Testing
6:11 TaylorMade P7MB Testing
6:58 Knowledge & Conclusions

The golf irons on this check embrace the PING Blueprint, Mizuno MP-20, Callaway Apex MB, and TaylorMade P7MB.

On this video, 2nd Swing grasp fitter Thomas Campbell makes use of Trackman know-how to check all 4 fashions towards each other to determine the similarities and variations.

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    23 Replies to “Golf Irons Comparison | Favorite Blade Irons of 2021”

    1. Great video. Trying to choose between the MP 20 and the APEX MB.

    2. Where is your store? – from s.Korea 🀣

    3. Robert Lake says:

      I was actually hoping to see the wilson staff blades. Damn.

    4. goeatbox1 says:

      Would it be a good idea for an average golfer to invest in a blade set as a 2nd set for training? Using a blade set to help you know when you’re hitting the club wrong, but having the More forgiving set for when it counts?

    5. Kim Morrison says:

      why bother with these comparisons? Mizuno has been refining MB blades for a hundred years. Just get the 20’s and be happy but you better hit the center of the club 99% of da time

    6. Wes Boothe says:

      P7MB’s 6-Pw & P7MC’s 5-3
      Absolute money, so good!

    7. L Calvin says:

      Titleist 620mb wins on looks alone

    8. Paul Bown says:

      Would love to see something like a random MP33 chucked in there

    9. 0829 Pietro says:

      Love the contents like those for low handicappers

    10. J M M says:

      Seems like the Mizuno blade had the best overall results, even with that one stray shot. Have had my set of Mizuno MP-67s for nearly 15 years and still plan on keeping them. Just threw new Dynamic Gold Tour Issue X100 shafts in them to replace the Dynamic Gold S300s that I bought with them brand new and they are performing even better now.

    11. Justin M says:

      How are you getting spin numbers that low with a blade 7 iron? I play 718 MB and my spin is close 7000 with a 7 iron.

    12. Jmastives says:

      Omg what great timing for me!!! Thank you!!

    13. D D says:

      gotta be a good " ball spriker" to sprike these

    14. Where are the Wilson blades?

    15. All very nice clubs. Opted for player's cavity instead, MP-20 MMC.

    16. John D says:

      Love the Channel! Now this is a comparison that makes sense in the hands of Thomas! (Game Improvement comparison in early April… not so much πŸ™‚ but a nice effort by him to extract bad shots for comparison πŸ™‚

    17. RC says:

      The Ping Blueprint has the least offset and the narrowest soles, the turf interaction is money and probably the best of the bunch. I would definitely combo them 7-Wedge and then maybe some i210's in the 4-6.

    18. S says:

      I thought the DGS300 was around 130g

    19. TXchadTX says:

      I did a fitting with pretty much all of these irons. I went Blueprint.

    20. TaylorMade MB 35Β° loft 7 iron. Maybe contributing to spin…all others 34Β°.

    21. Great test. Love blades

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