Golf Irons Comparison | Most Popular Players Irons of 2022

This golf irons comparison features the most popular players irons of 2022, including the Titleist T100 irons, the TaylorMade P770 irons, the Callaway Apex Pro 21 irons, the Mizuno Pro 223 irons, and Srixon ZX7 irons. Each of these golf irons has been superb in fittings at 2nd Swing in 2022. But how do they stack up on Trackman?

In this video, 2nd Swing’s Drew Mahowald and Thomas Campbell conduct a Trackman test to compare each of these golf irons against one another. Do your favorite players irons win this test?

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    27 Replies to “Golf Irons Comparison | Most Popular Players Irons of 2022”

    1. Main part of the season??? No way, it's about to be peak season here in Phoenix

    2. David Finch says:

      Would love to see this exact same video with each club head set to the same loft and lie, same clubs

    3. David Petryk says:

      Another great video

    4. Anthony S says:

      I kind of expected the T100 to perform like that Titleist is notorious for having a shorter iron which is why I went with the t100s. I really like these irons and I find them extremely accurate which is somewhat consistent with what you experienced here.

    5. I used to game the srixons and the apex and the p6mc. Mizuno pro 223 not available in left handed. But tested on the course for several rounds, varying shots and varying parts of the course the zx7, apex pro, p770, p7mc, and the jpx 921 tour. For me the jpx stood out in comparison to all the others. After much additional testing I ended up with the pxg gen 5s and live them and they are performing the best- nicest feel. Though it was a close call with the jpx 921 tour (also only one available as lefty). Did test the mizuno pro 225 but did not make my shortlist.

    6. Steve says:

      Tried all, the T100 is the best, others like Apex Pro, too much offset, Mizuno 921 Tour or 223 are good but not phenomenal, 770 is too much offset too, a small version of 790, ZX 7 is good, but I prefer more compact look, so T100, for 7 iron, I hit around 175 yards with 5500 back spin, 105 feet peak high, so pretty good , P7MC is awesome, and less forgiving comparing to T100, which makes the 4 iron so hard to hit

    7. Bandit Baker says:

      It might have been interesting to see the T100S rather than the T100, the extra loft may have produced more competitive numbers🤔🤔

    8. Ross Lillebo says:

      Srixon makes the tastiest irons

    9. J says:

      Wouldn’t we consider and 770 in the game improvement category since they’re theoretically a shrunken down version of the p790?

    10. Why haven’t U guys made the appropriate lie adjustments to the Mizz223’s?

    11. What is a skilled golfer? I hit my driver 250 and my irons on or close to the green… I can shoot 78 or 94 depending on how my lead hands are around the greens. I can be 10 yards from the hole in two and take 5 more strokes to get in. Am I a candidate for these irons?

    12. Joe Doaks says:

      Good info, as usual.

    13. PNZR_ says:

      I bought 223s. I'm not a great player, but I like looking down at a players profile club

    14. Joel Kenton says:

      You should use shot tracer on these outdoor videos great to get a look at the trajectory

    15. How come the Mizuno spins so much more ? And it goes alot more right then the others
      Its 32 degree, so could the lie angle be the cause of the higher spin, since it goes more right ?

    16. uNkLeRaRa4 says:

      I'm playing Adams CB1's from 2010. Forged 8620 carbon, 34° 7 iron, sleek look but still forgiving, black Ni-Cr plated black finish… You'll have to pry these out of my hands if you want me to switch 🤣

    17. Matt Artiste says:

      Cobra forgetec x !!!!

    18. PureImpact says:

      I've been play p770s since release. I don't see the extra distance. I feel they carry as stated loft. Could be shaft I play the KBS Tours. It's not the perfect fit but I love the feel and can flight them nicely.

    19. Rob.B says:

      I play the Apex Pro and love them. I never thought about hitting a 3 iron but I have no problem hitting the Apex Pro 3 iron. It’s great off the tee and the deck. Looks and feels great.

    20. mr_bodangles says:

      3rd video I've watched… Great insight, no bias. Quality. 👏👏 Subbed

    21. Dave Fogel says:

      The amount of ballspeed thomas makes amazes me. I have similar club speed, but nowhere near his ballspeeds. I guess that's what hitting the middle does.

    22. Chester says:

      6:13 Such a beautiful swing. There is a lot to learn from just watching this in slow motion.

    23. Erik Olson says:

      Just got a combo set of 770s and 7MCs after lots of time with the Trackman at 2nd Swing. Phenomenal content as always!

    24. Jacob McCain says:

      Been very happy with my T100/T100S combos this year. Love the look, and there is a shocking amount of forgiveness for the size especially with the T100S. Have also put several of my buddies into Srixons, super good club for steep high spinners.

    25. Ryan J says:

      "if you're a skilled golfer, then this video is for you"

      Me: a 30+ handicapper… "Mmm yes… Indeed"

    26. I am not changing my i210s for some time but the irons tested would probably be on my list if I was (plus i59 and Muira).

      Looks wise T100 & 223 win for me but they are all good looking irons, Apex Pro maybe has a little too much branding on the back side for my eye.

      Performance wise I know from my own testing that the P770s basically performs identically to my i210s, maybe slightly less spin but still very manageable. For me I would probably pick the T100 or maybe the T100s

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