Golf It: Putter There! – Part 1


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    16 Replies to “Golf It: Putter There! – Part 1”

    1. I'm sorry but Ezio Auditore da Firenze Tony Pajamas absolutely killed me

    2. AquaticChaos says:

      He is embracing the Emile level of puns. It’s seeping into the titles!

    3. 22:34 That Albatross tho! Well done, and nice shot Tom!

    4. Excalibar says:

      It's hard to believe that he was like this considering his more recent videos lol.

    5. Doing this instead of mk8D, then?

    6. Love your vids tom. Would you consider doing a witcher 3 playthrough

    7. The Phoenyx says:

      Tom every time you press "R" you use a stroke. Its only meant for resetting if you are stuck so make sure you use it more carefully in the future! Been waiting for your videos of this to come out to warn you of it.

    8. SirMcSlushy says:

      Also jesus Tom, your skill has room to improve but you are the luckiest fucking person i've seen play this xD

    9. Warclam says:

      Tom, it seems, is not a golferman.

    10. nahnah390 says:

      That albatross was absolute magic.

    11. SirMcSlushy says:

      Glad to see you branching out into these games Tom!

    12. Dont Panic says:

      Putter? I barely know her!

    13. Love ur vids tom the most out of the group

    14. Hey Tom, you excited for Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove: King of Bling Cards?

    15. Poor Tom last in Monopoly last in Golf.

    16. Luxus • says:

      I spent all day watching golf it vids and then Tom uploads one, this is amazing

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