Golf Lessons – Stop Topping Fairway Woods

Golf Lessons: How to Stop Topping Fairway Woods

In this tip, I try to explain how to stop topping fairway woods. Everyone has come across this problem before, a topped or thin fairway wood. Its an easy fix if you just know the cause of the shot. In all of my golf tips, I show the cause and the way to fix it. Topping fairway woods is a very common bad shot for many players. Once you figure out how to implement this into your own game, the results will help your score.

By knowing the cause of a topped fairway wood, this will in turn help you get the cure of the topping fairway wood. When do you use a fairway wood, usually when there is a large distance to hit; after a poor tee shot, trying to reach a par 5 in 2, etc.. You are usually trying to hit the ball too hard. This in turn makes you tense up your arms and bulcke you arms. The result is the top.

The cure for this is to relax and let your arms stretch out. You have to let the club get into the gap between the ball and the ground. By relazing and not trying to hit the ball so hard, this will let your arms stretch out and make better contact with the ball. This in turn will allow you to hit better shots. Hitting with a 3 wood is a tough shot to many players.

Now you have figured out that the bad shots with your fairway woods is because you are trying to hit them too hard, you will then be able to hit them better from now on. Usually with bad shots you have to ask yourself why do i top my 3 wood. Relaxing with these shots and others will help your game get to the next level.

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    28 Replies to “Golf Lessons – Stop Topping Fairway Woods”

    1. Now I can work with you live with my new app called CoachLink. If I can see you, I can help you no matter where you are in the world. I can assess your swing, check your grip or swing positions, watch you at the range or even when you play. Find out more here: Thank you for your support!

    2. I really enjoy watching your videos. Your easy swing and "feel the heel" advise has already helped me a lot. Thank you

    3. good job paul … oldtony

    4. ramkinister says:

      Great Poul . I was a avid golfer with 8 handicap. I even won our club championship some 14 years ago . I stopped golf about the same time. I am now 69 and started going to the range few weeks ago . Thanks to you my shots are consistent, easy with your tips . Lucky I came across your YouTube tips.
      They are practical & works for me .
      Much obliged .

    5. John Leidle says:

      This is a very good one Paul , Thanks.

    6. Thanks for the instruction, can't wait to try it out

    7. LOVE GOLF says:

      I'm an amateur golfer in Japan. I'm 47 years old. The best score is 75 and the driver's maximum carry is 340 yards. How is my swing? Please give me some advice. Thank you!⛳️🏌️‍♂️

    8. Denis Prieur says:

      I've noticed that in your backswing, your left arm isn't completly straight, i have the same issue with my left arm! Is it still ok if my left arm isn't staight in my backswing? Honestly, it's about the same as your's! To me, it seems physicly impossible to keep it real staight in my backswing!

    9. Mike Vigil says:

      I feel guilty watched a bunch of your posts and completely changed my game, after 3 trips to the driving range and 3 buckets of balls the guy hitting balls next to me even complimented on my swing, I am hitting straighter and more consistent distances finally found that lag could have spent a lot of money for lessons that I got for free next time I'm in Vegas swing by and give you a tip…

    10. Wyatt Scott says:

      thank you ! its basic stuff that i tend to forget for some crazy reason, doh!

    11. Fighting with this one….

    12. H T says:

      I really like how you quantify 50 to 80 percent. It makes it concrete as a swing thought. Thank you!

    13. David D says:

      Your left elbow has some bend to it on your swing. Some instructors say that’s a no no. Do you do that on purpose Paul?

    14. Andrew Mann says:

      Paul, thanks so much for this explanation of how to correct topping the fairway woods. Today I applied your concept of extending your arms and I used this at setup and had much better contact. I realized I was not utilizing my arms properly. Had some great fairway shots today as well. My driver was much more consistent with contact as well. Thanks so much for the tip.

    15. hot poker says:

      Great tip,one of my biggest problems, love your videos 🇮🇪🇮🇪

    16. kennan lynn says:

      simply hit it more like an iron than a driver that helped me

    17. Skip Murphy says:

      Thanks…that helped

    18. Wayne S says:

      One of my biggest problems to solve, The fall back in my swing with the 3 wood and Fairway metals. Bad habit to break!

    19. Fred Lee says:

      Hi Pau. Does this apply to irons as well?

    20. Still wacthing your channel…good tip

    21. Van Fleming says:

      Did the easy golf swing video at home in back yard with plastic balls. Took a few mins to get it down.
      So hard to just swing easy!!!

      Took it to golf course today.
      First 5 drives were perfect.
      Hit ball Dow. The middle and further.
      Let old habits get into #6
      Struggled to get feel back on back nine.
      Got it back on 17 and 18
      Just got to get your mind and muscle memory right.

      And also.. I hit the sweet spot on all the drives.. felt it. No doubt

      Many thanks.

    22. Thank you very much 🙏🏽

    23. Fred Earnest says:

      I seem to mostly hit the woods way too fat. Oh I top them too on occasion.

    24. If you are a 15 or higher, you should watch every single video this guy has created and basically do everything he says. Neutral grip, Dead arms, loose wrists, use your body. Life changer.

      I was a strong grip, wrists locked hooker. I could get it right often enough to be a 15ish. I scrapped it all and rolled with this guy starting with the “make a full swing and hit your iron 65% of the distance” practice strategy.

      I have never pured so many balls in my life. I am usually wiped after a large bucket at the range. Hit two and felt fine. You can eventually feel yourself engaging your body and the distance will start coming in. It’s unreal.

    25. This makes a lot of sense. Very nice tutorial here.Thanks Paul. Spider Dubiel

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