Golf Rules | The Five Rules You Need To Know | Golf Monthly

►Jeremy Ellwood explains the five Rules of Golf you need to know, including those around a provisional ball, unplayable lie and what you can and can’t do in bunkers.

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    42 Replies to “Golf Rules | The Five Rules You Need To Know | Golf Monthly”

    1. All Tech says:

      Cheers for this, I been tryin to find out about "learn golf nj" for a while now, and I think this has helped. Have you ever come across – Keniden Benilliam Release – (search on google ) ? Ive heard some great things about it and my colleague got cool results with it.

    2. Shahram Khan says:

      Rules have been updated as of 2019.

    3. I’d rather not fuck up my expensive clubs for the sake of a rule. Are you serious? Who the fuck would hit a cart path shot when playing a friendly pickup game. I wouldn’t force my friend to destroy their property. That is ridiculous and only should be unforced if bets are on the line or if it’s a professional tournament. Same goes for the rock in the bunker. I’m picking up that rock or I’m using your club, you decide.

    4. MrPostman900 says:

      thank you for the insomnia cure

    5. Can I kick my ball out into the open if I don’t like where it lays?

    6. Phil Bradley says:

      Ive seen loads of people hit a provisional and then make naff all attempts to find their original so they dont have to take few attempts to hack it out.

    7. Tim Tebow says:

      I feel this guy is a huge douche to play with

    8. Alex Gandy says:

      Is there a rule about quick play where if you like hit one 250yds up into some trees but then you duff your provisional. Can you hit your 2nd because it’s behind your first

    9. David Hunter says:

      re-introduce the 'stymie' rule for matchplay

    10. Are you aloud to throw your putter?

    11. Lots of common sense changes coming in 2019.

    12. Randsurfer says:

      Regarding scorecard. A player is not always disqualified for writing an incorrect score on a hole. Only if the incorrect score is 'better' than the true score. Example: Player makes a 5 but writes 6. No problem.. Player makes a 5 but writes 4. DQ.

    13. Henricus M says:

      What I find embarrassing that you find your ball in a bunker in a deep footstep/heel hole because it has not been raked properly. So you get punished … One should be able to get a kind of "relief" for that.
      ?? Has thus been considered in the 2019 rule updates.

    14. Sigh Phi Guy says:

      so why can you move loose impediments anywhere else on the course but not in the bunker?
      especially if the impediment is not touching the ball or partially buried?

    15. These rule numbers that you used, are they USGA or R and A numbers? Or are both standards the same?

    16. Joe Maeyaert says:

      lets face it. 99% of non professional swingers are not playing by all the rules. In club tourney events things are tighter but not always. It's the only game, sport, etc. in which you are required to call violations on yourself. This policy alone leaves a lot of room for misinterpretation on any given weekend. Play on folks!!

    17. tchevrier says:

      Those are the 5 rules you think golfers need to know????? Seriously?
      Maybe you should change the title to "5 rules professional golfers need to know"

      Signing a score card? C'mon man
      Going back and replaying your shot?? Yeah, that will go over well with the other golfers on the course.

    18. Also, dropping your ball at the nearest point of relief is actually "within 1 club length of the nearest point of relief". So when Jeremy dropped off the cart path onto some sandy area in the video, I believe he could have dropped onto the grass area nearer his feet if he'd measured with a club. I'm open to correction if I've misunderstood this rule.

    19. Jeremy's simple explanation of these 5 rules is a great help. However time prohibits too much discussion, such as with the provisional ball, ALL strokes played on the provisional ball (up to finding your original ball) are cancelled once the original ball is found. I've had ignorant golfers trying to add my shots on the provisional ball to my score AS WELL AS those on the original ball; which is clearly wrong.

    20. xHomestar says:

      can you play nearest point of relief and then claim unplayable??? obviously with 1 stroke penalty

    21. I wonder how many weekend golfers actually play by the rules. Most of the time I play with a pickup group the rules are usually very flexible. Right or wrong it's the way it is.

    22. Can you tell your opponent not to look for a ball? So you can use a well hit provisional?

    23. Chris Baker says:

      With modern technology, why is the player responsible for keeping manual scores and signing his/her card? Isn't this tradition old fashion and no longer needed? He/she can still track it put the PGA should keep the official score, right? This could also speed up play.

    24. Ron Powell says:

      Hit ball off the tee – not sure if ball can be found – walk approx 50 yds forward then decide will go back and play a ball – however that ball no longer becomes a provisional ball but ball in play ???

    25. Kirk Swart says:

      Mate nice glove. Handy to grip that rulebook……

    26. Michael Pope says:

      What is the rule for a loss ball and there are no stakes in the area of the woods?

    27. George Cain says:

      You must be great fun on a round

    28. Glen Smith says:

      When taking a drop can the ball roll up to two club lengths from where it landed no nearer the hole ? so two club lengths for relief then possibly another two if it rolls when dropping.

    29. Seems silly that you can't play ur provisional if u declare ur ball unplayable as the whole point of hitting the provisional is because ur not sure you can play the original ball… In a world where golf complains about pace of play. This would help

    30. With the provisional ball I was on the understanding that you must use the same make of ball as the previous shot – so if use a callaway chrome soft for my tee shot my provisional ball must also be a callaway chrome soft – could you clarify this point for me?

    31. Bunker rules are outdated. You can move loose impediments in bunkers.

    32. That going back to the tee box rule needs to change.It's inconvenient,inconsistent with other rules and it slows the game down.Playing a drop at the point of entry and as far back as you want to go with a one stroke penalty just like with a water hazard is a much more rules consistent approach.

    33. Very important stuff! Some key info! Love the content guys!

    34. In Autumn, if your ball goes into a bunker that is full of leaves, what can you do to find the ball? My understanding is you and playing partners can move them to find them, but then have to replace them over the ball if you find it, but then you cant see it… what if you accidentally move the ball while looking for it too.

    35. Sergio Cohen says:

      Nice video but you didn't explain how to determine the closest point of relief

    36. Robbie White says:

      I was under the impression that if you ground your club in a bunker while getting your stance or climbing into the bunker (by accident) it wasn’t a penalty.

    37. leeh2503 says:

      Could you explain the Bubba Watson instance where he took relief from an animal scraping please

    38. AbsolonPeter says:

      If you declare your ball unplayable in the bunker you must drop in the bunker, that is not clear in the video.

    39. Lloyd says:

      If you find the original ball. Can you declare it unplayable and play the provisional or do you have to go back to the 3 steps mentioned in the video, even if that means going back to the tee again?

    40. DunnGolfing says:

      A few rule changes coming ready golf too what's your thoughts 💭

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