#GOLF SHOE REVIEW: Nike Air Zoom Tiger Woods 20

Golf Shoe Review: In this video I’m giving my thoughts on the Nike Air Zoom Tiger Woods ’20 shoe after having played ~10 rounds of golf in them!

Link to the shoe:

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    10 Replies to “#GOLF SHOE REVIEW: Nike Air Zoom Tiger Woods 20”

    1. Golf Trend says:

      Has anybody gamed a pair of Tigers? Let me know!

    2. Love this man ‘ been looking for a review video on these cause I wanna buy some but there’s no review videos on these

    3. Anthony JS says:

      Do you find that the white is harder to keep clean? I have black ones coming but I am looking at getting another pair as a back up because they are hard to find and debating if I should get white as well.

    4. Do they fit true to size?

    5. Felipe Muniz says:

      How are these for walking?

    6. Hello are they true to size? Thanks

    7. Anh Nguyen says:

      Thanks for the great review brotha! I'm curious though, I'm a HUGE fan of zoom air and love it when there's forefoot responsiveness from the Zoom cushioning. Are you able to feel the zoom responsiveness at all? If so, is it in the forefoot? The heel? Or both? 🤞🏼🤞🏼

    8. CreamEr says:

      I like golf but I don’t like the materialistic golf culture, it gives of SDE. 😔

    9. Hi! Nice review:) leaning towards these but would you say callaway and footjoy golf shoes are “cool”? lol -daughter that knows nothing about golf but is looking to get dad new golf shoes that aren’t lame

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