Golf Shoes

Scene From 1998’s
“Concern And Loathing In Las Vegas”
Directed By Terry Gilliam


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    11 Replies to “Golf Shoes”

    1. WW says:

      "No footing at all…"

    2. Joseph K says:

      Impossible to walk in this muck… no footing at all!….

    3. J B says:

      Why didn’t anyone tell him about the golf shoes?!?!?

    4. maxeypad says:

      2:26 always makes me laugh

    5. Never been a more realistic depiction of acid than the carpet

    6. A says:

      This movie is the reason people do acid. This movie is also the reason people dont do acid..

    7. David Icke disliked this video

    8. how the fuck did this movie get such a gigantic budget lol

    9. you're so wrong that not what he says

    10. carnage rage says:

      I was right in the middle of a fucking reptile zoo someone was giving booze to these God damn things it won't be long now before they tear us to shreds

    11. Matej Franc says:


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