Golf Spotlight 2019 – Cobra Golf T-Rail Irons

We’re joined by Cobra Golf’s Vice President of Analysis & Improvement, Tom Olsavsky, to take a look at the all new T-Rail Hybrid Iron set. Study how one can get pleasure from the advantages of hitting a hybrid membership with each iron in your bag. For extra info, go to


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    8 Replies to “Golf Spotlight 2019 – Cobra Golf T-Rail Irons”

    1. Hey… are you all brothers?

    2. jasonwho100 says:

      Is there a place we can try it before buying?

    3. beaney56 says:

      Just got a set. Tried both the Wilson and cleavland hybrid irons but the cobra hybrid irons are the BEST irons I've ever hit. I'm off 5 handicap so they are not just for high handicaps but EVERYONE!!! I'm also 34 so definitely not a senior. I wish these were available 15 years ago.

    4. The "rice president" 😂😂😂😂😂

    5. I like these irons.. But everyone says that you should get fit before you buy. So I got fit and need a +2 degree upright lie angle and +1/2" longer shaft for my irons. You can buy these at TGW. com
      , but unfortunately you can not buy these for a custom fit – only standard irons and you have to buy these in a complete set. However, at TGW, all other Cobra irons are customizable – except the ones I want – the Cobra T-rails.. Am I understanding this right??.. Who in there right mind would buy an iron that does not fit their swing properly?? I guess I have to (sadly) go with my second choice.. The customizable Cleveland Launcer HB Turbo irons.. or the Wilson Launchpad irons (these are also customizable)..

    6. krusher74 says:

      wonder if they're going to do a one length set

    7. truth iz says:

      Got the complete iron set. Best clubs I have ever hit. Been a Cobra fan for a long time, have hit some of the best shots in my life with them.

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