Golf Swing

This video was taken on Thursday, June 18, 2009 @ the Pine Hint driving vary. On this video I’m hitting with a Girls Adams 6-Iron/Hybrid. Please go away feedback that may assist me enhance me swing.


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    25 Replies to “Golf Swing”

    1. Greg cummins says:

      I can't improve your swing but it certainly improved mine. Looking at the video, I learn't how important it is for me to keep the left shoulder 'flat' when turning whereas I used to drop it a lot. Keeping it flat means I end up completing the turn just on the inside of my right foot and can really get a lot of distance. For years I've wondered why I couldn't do this. So I would like to thank you for improving my swing a lot. I hope your golf game has gone great since 2009.

    2. rono8275 says:

      Your backswing is too long. Stop when the club is no longer than parallel to the ground. You don't gain anything by making a longer backswing.

    3. Your third shot was the best!! pooooohahahaha

    4. left shoulder is closed to target line?

    5. Perfec One says:

      something wrong.
      I'll teach you.

    6. Jeff says:

      great comments but the real question is can she make a good sandwich?

    7. tigerbalm says:

      A little off balanced during swing.  Needs to spread her legs open.  Is that Wie 5 years ago?  If she would just text me, I will help her stroke…

    8. allcot says:

      Does anybody notice this is a 5 year old video,,,

    9. callmecarlrs says:

      lower the hands and dont make a fake fallow-through.

    10. Manufactured follow-through.

    11. what do people mean by her shoulders being too closed? are the facing too far to the right (towards the camera)?

    12. Great share on this thanks

    13. hugh jadonga says:

      people still giving advice 4 years after video was posted….she's probably into bukakke now

    14. Paul EJ says:

      Bummer just checked and you dont have one from the side

    15. Paul EJ says:

      Your upper body alignment is closed compared to your hips, knees and feet. You look a bit wooden in your address too. Remove that strain and achieve a better athletic feel and your balance will also improve ……also it appears that your right hand grip as a result of your shoulder alignment is way too strong. I'll look to see if you have a video taken from the side so I can get a better idea of your grip overall…..

    16. Josh_playsYT says:

      Look at where your shoulders are pointing just before you swing. You must hook the ball a lot. Anyway , would love to get behind you and straighten them up. Great ass by the way !

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