Golf Swing Sequencing – How the Lower Body Works


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6 Replies to “Golf Swing Sequencing – How the Lower Body Works”

  1. Chuck,I've only watched a handful of your videos in the last couple of days,I went to the course to practice and once I realised I was spinning my shoulders from the top,I stopped doing that and played the best golf I have played in years!! Shifting weight for the first time,posting up! Feeling like my arms do pretty much nothing! I have always been very right side dominant! Anyway the reason I am messaging is because I am very interest in joing the rotary membership but it all seems very confusing on the website! There is a c4 program,axiom,live lessons,online lessons etc! Don't know what half that stuff is! Where can I find the original 5 step system??? Have you moved away from that??? Thanks 👍

  2. 100% logic in this. Makes perfectly sense.

  3. Rick Rewerts says:

    Posted 8 hours ago… come on guys!

  4. Simmo-expat says:

    Not even got the mullet going!

  5. Sonny D says:

    How old is this video?

  6. Nelson James says:

    I thought Clay already had a good thing going at Top Speed. Strange how these things always change. Build a name and sell it I guess. lol
    Good video though.

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