Golf Swing – What should the body/hands do through impact?

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We regularly hear the phrase “hit down on the ball”. Whereas there is a component of reality to this, this video explores what the arms and physique should be doing through impression in the golf swing.


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    5 Replies to “Golf Swing – What should the body/hands do through impact?”

    1. 정성엽 says:

      This video provided me a different better perspective on the concept of hitting down with an iron. Thanks!

    2. As I understand, in a correct swing, the club head travels downward, and the hands or butt end of the club move upward through impact. Would you say that is correct Adam?

    3. graham jones says:

      At last a common sense video,why does everyone bang on about plane rather than arc,i hardly ever feel plane, ive played with bad golfers with a good backswing plane but most golfers do not extend/ widen the arc through the ball .Ive always seen good ball strikers going up through the ball.The main reason is most are obsessed with backswing width/plane/turn etc a chimp could teach a backswing but its how you go through the ball that counts.Due to a bad cpl of lessons when i started i have to much lateral but i save it! Winter shows me long straight shallow divots,some of the time, up to an inch b4 the ball!

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