Is one of the best golf tee the free one you discover littered on the tee field? On this episode, we pit three of the preferred tees up towards the tried and true wood tee.

We in contrast the Martini, Flightpath, and 4 Yards Extra tees–placing their distance claims to the check.

So chill, watch, and revel in! That is Golf Science.

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0:00 Intro
0:38 Historical past lesson
1:52 Tee introductions & claims
2:37 Testing parameters
3:27 Information reveal
5:20 Wrap up

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    1. mygolfspy says:

      What tees are in YOUR bag? 🤔 First 400 COMMENTS ENTERED TO WIN custom MyGolfSpy tees!

    2. Kyle Manning says:

      Very surprised you didn’t use the tornado tee too. Most popular tee in long drive

    3. Dr George F Grant was the 1st person to invent the wooden tee in 1899? He was the 1st Black dentist to graduate from Harvard Dental School?

    4. 4 more yards is the best tee. I've used one tee for now then one season and I play 10 times a month minimum all year

    5. Everyone needs to get on the Epoch golf tee. I only need 1 for 18 holes. Scientifically proven to be better than all other plastic tees. And they have those bands for consistent tee height.
      I’m never going back 👌🏽

    6. Shawn Gasque says:

      Didn't test vs the tee I use never heard of 2 of the ones they tested. But was interesting

    7. Rick Cudmore says:

      The yellow and orange wedge tees are my favourites. Hard to break and easy to find.

    8. Mark Tweet says:

      The martini shape is good for seniors because the ball doesn’t fall off and have to re-teed

    9. B M says:

      Another problem with more expensive plastic tees is the obligation you feel to find it after the tee shot. I have friends who spend way more time looking for stray tees than they should. A cheap wooden tee lets you walk away and not care.

    10. Western Birch in the Clemson University Colors!

    11. Blake G. says:

      Do plastic tees cause more or less damage to a driver, if any at all? That's the reason I prefer wood.

    12. glen burr says:

      I wonder if you angled the Martini tee like the instructions state on the bag? I use plastic tees I find all over the golf course. I have boxes full of them in the basement!

    13. Kyle Seaton says:

      I like the martini tees. Same height every time.

    14. Phil B. says:

      The Brush Tee. I have been using them for ten years. I switched to the yellow XL tee from the orange tee since the drivers got bigger.

    15. karl beasley says:

      In 1899, Boston dentist Dr. George Grant, frustrated with this tedious and messy process, invented a wooden golf tee. Dr. Grant was born to escaped slaves in 1846, eventually finding work as an assistant at a dentist's office.

    16. Simon says:

      I've used the Zoomtee, made by Zoomtec in NZ, it claims aerodynamic efficiency, which I doubt, but what's kept them in my bag for the last 7 years is the fact that they're pretty much unbreakable, they stay in the ground so I don't spend time hunting for them after my shot, and their preset height (like the castle tees) is about spot-on for me (42mm from the ground). I play off 18, so I don't always (well, pretty much never) pick the ball cleanly off the tee.

    17. I take a little sand from the closest sand trap and build a little pyramid for my ball. Old school I know but it’s so annoying to my fellow golfers it’s worth it.

    18. NixonKayne says:

      Zero Friction tees currently

    19. MAZ_MTB says:

      I'm a big fan of the 4 more yards tees. It's the only tee that I can use for 10+ rounds and keeps ticking. Pretty rare that I manage to mess one up. Happy to see that its not really hurting my game a whole lot as far as distance and spin. Maybe not getting 4 more yards, but I am alright with that.

    20. I love the study, but I can’t help but think that the changes in spin, distance and launch are all just noise in the data. You should consider getting a stats guy to calculate a “p number” sometimes to help understand how reliable the differences are. I 100 % believe you can say there is “no advantage” based on this test, but I don’t know about the other conclusions.

    21. The Martini tees are supposed to be leaning forward by 20%. you should retest based on their instructions about how to use them to be fair

    22. R K says:

      No Stinger Pro XL Competition tees?

    23. Rorster 27 says:

      You guys should’ve done the brush tee. I saw it on the course and was actually surprised how durable it was

    24. Alex says:

      “The wooden tee, guaranteed to be free at a golf course near you”😂😂

    25. Art Snook says:

      I've been using the same 4 yd's tee with my driver for almost 1 yr. now more cost effective than wooden tee's that often break.

    26. Hopp Man says:

      I played golf in Scotland in July, one of the issues I saw over there was when the courses were dry, and 4 of the courses were very dry, plastic tees broke on almost every tee and some actually bent going into the tee box, so I switched to wood tees. In the states I only use plastic tees as they hardly ever break.

    27. Great test. 👍
      Unfortunately, I've yet to find a course in Scotland where I can get free wooden tee's. Except the one's I find on the course.

    28. jack fat says:

      Old guy here. Love the Martini tee. Played the same pink one I found since February…till I lost it last week. But -7 yards! 😵‍💫 Might have to rethink those.

    29. Leon McLean says:

      Isn't that a GC3, not a GC Quad?

    30. Jack Walters says:

      Love the Martinis too

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