Golf tip: Chip from a hardpan lie – 3 differend ways

Did you ever find your golfball on a hardpan surface close to the green? You have several options to chip from a hardpan lie. Putting is one of them, but we already made a video about the chip with a putter. In this video we show you how you can chip from a hard surface close to the green with a five wood, seven iron and a lob wedge. This video was a request from one of our subscribers.

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Filmed on location at Ternesse Golf & Country Club

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– Tom Blanckaert (PGA Professional)
– Quentin van Soldt (Producer)


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    7 Replies to “Golf tip: Chip from a hardpan lie – 3 differend ways”

    1. We play golf says:

      Do you have a suggestion for a new video? Please leave them in the comments below!

    2. Hoe sla ik een ijzer 7 of 6 hoger naar de green om meer stop te krijgen op de green.
      Met groet

    3. Tobias says:

      nice video again – I would like to see a short chip from deep rough

    4. Needs more camera angles, especially the last one. Terrible angle, showing a close up of the ball instead of the hand position and body

    5. Kym Stock says:

      I have a 60 degree 4 degree bounce lob wedge for summer conditions. It makes sweeping the ball off very bare lies easier, with less likelihood of skulling the ball. More bounce for winter, less for summer ( in OZ and S.A. maybe)

    6. Aquib Aanam says:

      Sir, I've a question.. its generally said that we should have 1 basic swing for all club..but unfortunately it differs for me..what is the meaning of 1 basic swing? Same grip? Weight shifts?grip pressure? Please explain the meaning of 1 basic swing..regards, Aquib Aanam.

    7. Sodthong says:

      Many thanks, that was great …

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